Monday, April 20, 2015

It is good news that there is one thing that unites people from all over the world. It is knowledge, it is education. President Obama’s greatest achievement with the Cuban people was to open the channels to the Internet   and allow the Cuban people to own computers. The terrorists in Africa and the Middle East are burning books and tearing women out of schools just for sexual purposes know that they are doing the most horrible thing to a person’s soul by taking education and knowledge away from a mind. It is obvious that those bullies have already lost their mind.

Over 200 times per second,   over a billion times per month, someone somewhere all over the globe clicks on   Wikipedia that is the fastest encyclopedia in the world. When it started 14 years ago the online encyclopedia was a novelty. It had a reputation for a hit or miss in terms of accuracy. Now it is one of the world’s busiest websites. Its reliability is now vastly improved but is still not quite perfect. What is more important is that it is a charity. Yes, a non-profit where there is a devoted army of un-paid authors collaborate. There are articles on everything you could imagine on the site. It is informative and quick and is helping to unite and educate the world in all languages.

The name wiki comes from the Hawaiian word meaning quick and pedia   is a reference to encyclopedia so the founder put them together to form his wacky Wikipedia name for the now massive site. Once a year the hardcore contributors get together in the most lancinating   group   of different kinds of people from all over the world and different languages to meet and great in a peaceful joining of thoughts and experiences. All respecting each other. The way all human beings should be everywhere.   They are all editors and they all are believers in Wikipedia’s power.  They argue about what is worthy of noting and what is unnecessary information. There are 12,000 new pages created every day. There is a grand total of 35Million articles in 288 different languages.

I love that none of it is influenced by any particular country or corporation. It is free thoughts from all over the world. Finally, a place that is truly respecting PEOPLE not owned by any special interest group or tied down by a religious belief. There are about 100,000 people from all over the world contributing thoughts and information to the site from all ages and all income barriers. Yes young and old rich or poor. I don’t think there is any other room anywhere that truly encompasses all in a peaceful dialogue about anything. More importantly anyone can contribute. . You or I can contribute right now if we wanted to.
All you have to do is click on the edit word underlined in brackets and type what you want to say. To be considered seriously, your information must have a   legitimate source and to some degree notability. Three times a second, 12 thousand times an hour, someone somewhere makes an edit. Although contributors are from all over the world in many languages, the site’s headquarters is in San Francisco with a staff of about 200 people.  Their goal is to focus on the accuracy and legitimacy of every contribution that comes in.  They have computer programs that search the site for evangelism and vulgarities striking them out almost instantly.

They admit that they can’t catch it all but it is their primary concern with contributory information. Most of the mistakes that lie on the site are in subjects that are not searched much. They seem to go under the radar for a while. Because it is a non-for profit, thereare no millionaires from the site.    

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