Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do you have a name for your car? My first car was called a piece of crap because that is what it was. Always broken that was a smelly mess that never moved. President Obama’s limo is called The Beast. Lady Gaga’s red Rolls Royce is named Bloody Mary and Beyonce’s Jaguar is called Honey Bee. Does your car have a name? These over the top famous people have over the top famous cars because they unlike my first car have unique expensive vehicles made exclusively   for them with whatever they desire in them.  No wonder they have affectionate names for where they rest their ass for a while to go somewhere else where they will be adored and beloved. It’s a wonderful life.  

It is the one thing that musicians and politicians have in common simply because they can both afford them. Tripped out high end spare no expense cars.  Musicians make lots of money from their successful careers and politicians make money from all the corporate donations they receive. Both are on the road a lot spreading their words through song or not.  Their cars are designed by the same guy. Scooby is the van dragging Hillary on a 1,000 mile trip currently from New York to Iowa on the first leg of the race to the White House. Aside from the name we don’t get to know much about her ride.

In Hollywood the famous are more likely to show off their custom rides. Howard Becker is the go to Guru of luxury high security vehicles made just for the rich and powerful.  He has created custom rides for just about everyone on the global A list from Snoop Dog to Ben Affleck, even the King of Morocco.  Vans and stretch SUV’s are now the ultimate in security and luxury.  The systems in the vehicles could run the United States equipped with communication devices. The seats can convert into beds or massage centers. His customers request are limited only by their imaginations. Everything from full media centers to custom made work out rooms. Some have bathrooms if requested.

Bruce Springsteen, Johnny   Depp and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson are among Howard’s elite customers. With the over the top amenities comes an over the top price tag. He uses Cadillac ESV Conversions that will start off at a modest $160,000 dollars. Then some of the real expensive projects can make the project go in upwards of $400,000 dollars with everything else included. Makes you want to forget about an apartment or house, just get a car and try to find me. Now I realize that famous people who travel for a living need to be comfortable but as in the case of most politico creatures, please don’t go talking about how you will be cutting Social Security as Chris Christy the Governor of New Jersey wants to do to cut costs from government spending while going around town in a pimped up mobile. 

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