Friday, April 10, 2015

America has spent 15 years teaching some parts of the Middle East a lesson by giving them a good spanking. It is time parts like Iran get to a normal state of living and that is what Obama is trying to do. Iraq is quickly being ruled by terrorists. We cannot allow that to happen to Iran too. This past week an historic agreement has been happily met by both countries that was once extreme enemies.  The Iranians have agreed to give full access to international weapons inspectors in exchange for easing economic sanctions against the isolated country.  It sounds all good to me as long as everyone stays true to their promises. It at least gives hope to us all for peace and prosperity.  The free world gets to be right there making sure their nuclear power is being used for electricity and not weapons and the country is able to have less restrictions on travel and the exchange of goods and services. All good stuff.
This time if Iran cheats, the world will know about it and we will be on their land to slap them around again if necessary.  We should all be celebrating. At least for once they are no longer burning our flag there anymore and are happy to be able to be more like   the rest of the free world. It will at least bring Iran’s nuclear ambitions under strict international control. On the streets of Tehran there is joy for once instead of misery. The country had been cut off from the world economy for many years. This deal is just the tip of the iceberg. There is still a chance the whole deal can fall apart but there is hope. Yes, it can be a way to make the world actually safer and all super powers should be making sure people are safe.

Some nuclear plants will actually be scaled back in exchange for economic   relief. It is a hopeful moment where an entire country was called “the axis of evil “ by George Bush can rise up and can have a middle class there, without sanctions you can get a flight to Iran, the country will not be dehumanized as a whole anymore. Bush was a terrible leader in that he scolded everyone and not just the thugs. Families trying just to survive there can’t all be evil. Women will be interjected into a more western society now and will be able to swim in pools and show their hair if they want. Simple things that make up a whole will be achieved now. We have had a long dark history with Iran that must be changed for the better now.

In 1979 Iran had a revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini a religious leader who hated America. Later that year they took over the American Embassy and took 52 American workers hostage for 444 days. The hostage crisis led to decades of hostility between America and Iran. There was no diplomatic relations at all between our countries. By 2002, George Bush declared the country along with North Korea and Iraq “the axis of evil” that threatened the world. After 1979 life changed dramatically in Iran.  The Islamic religion took over and made the women cover their bodies, not swim, no middle class. Few have been lucky to leave Iran. Last week’s decision is very important because it is the first time since the 70’s that this country has been able to do anything progressive with Iran. One of the world’s biggest crisis’s has been solved by diplomatic resolutions in peace and a promise of prosperity again.    

Is this hope justified? Can two countries with so much bad blood between them put differences aside and work together? Iran has a 3,000 year old history. I am sure they wish to be able to reconnect with the world again. My hope with now a more western influence in the country we can give the people books and education again and not religious fanatics who give the children swords and tell them to go out and chop people’s heads off. A good Iran would be good for a really troubled Iraq right now. It is time to allow Iran to be our friends again and watch them all like the bald eagle America is carrying the peace and freedom message to all people.

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