Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wedding season is here and all the girls are buzzing about their how to get the dress problems.  Now a day’s   relationships,   friendships and relatives live all over the country. It can take a real commitment to even physically get together for the main event. We don’t realize how much togetherness is done on line and not necessarily in person anymore so commerce has to keep up with the demands of busy people who aren’t even in the same location. I am talking about the ladies who need to buy dresses for the wedding.

The hope for every girl who says yes to being a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding says yes to the financial commitment of buying the dress and hoping it will be something she could wear again somewhere without looking like a bridesmaid again. That sounds difficult since it will be a bridesmaid dress. The market for bridesmaid’s dresses is worth $2 billion dollars every year with new stores like J.Crew and Target selling dresses now. What I think is a new innovation to the market is a new online store that specializes in bridesmaid’s dresses  costing  under $200 dollars. The store is called Gather & Gown   where the co-founder Michael Shettel says his 33 styles in more than a dozen colors should provide enough variety.

85% of women never wear the dress again. The online company does have a showroom outside Philly. The online store makes it easy for the long distance friends and relatives to get together with a chat room called the loop.  The average bridesmaid spends $1,700 on the event from the dress to the bachelorette party to the wedding gift.  Another site is called Little Borrowed Dress where you can rent a dress for as little as $50 dollars.  If men can rent tuxedos than why can’t women rent dresses? The shipping is free and they even pick up the dry cleaning bill. The only downside is that you can ‘t alter the dresses.

There is always a solution to every problem so stop all the chatting and just get it done. I know the chatting for girls is half the fun.  It is still good to know that people are still bothering to get married and that girls are still willing to even be called a maid of the bride. Let us hope that the long distances between you now does not prevent you from keeping your hopes high and that the reunion does happen at one of the most significant days of your life, your wedding.

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