Monday, March 30, 2015

Leave Hillary alone! Our government is run by Republicans now and we will surely be in big trouble once again. I have noticed under the Democratic Administrations of Clinton and Obama that our financial situation as a country has improved. All our debt was from the Republican- Bush years. Let’s face it. With all the government spending for poor people that Democratic Administrations love to provide, they still manage to balance the budgets better than Republicans. Republican Tom Cruz has already thrown his hat into the Presidential race boasting that he wants to abolish the IRS and women’s right to choose what to do with their bodies. He has done nothing to improve this country.

I guess the best way to prove my point is to look at California today. Republican tough guy actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar (what an awful name) didn’t make anyone’s day better while he was in political office. He was too busy making a baby with his housekeeper  We needed to bring back 76 year old Jerry Brown to fix California. He has had 4 terms as California’s Governor. Six years ago the state’s home prices were way down and the government had soaring debt.  Many people were giving up hope and going out of business.  Who would even want to be Governor of such a sorry stare?

In 2010 Jerry Brown wanted his old job back. The state boasts the world’s eight economy. It is bigger than Russia’s and now boasted a surplus last year. How did he do it? He regularly hosts dignitaries from other countries since California is now considered a high tech superpower. The secret to his success is to raise taxes while cutting spending. He pushes Democrats and Republicans to accept his cuts. Back in 1976 he said that he doesn’t like to spend government money. His father Pat Brown was elected Governor in 1958. At that time he was studying to become a Jesuit Priest. Politics became his true calling.

In 1974 at the age of 36, Jerry Brown won his father’s old job. Governor of the largest state in the union. He didn’t use the jets and limos that Ronald Regan used but traveled in a simple car. He had ideas that were ahead of his time. He wanted alternative energy then and was an advocate of the environment.  He ran three times to become President. Each time he did not get full support from his own Democratic establishment. He won his Governor job back easily getting 59% of the vote. Now he has an ambitious plan to approve a $7.5 billion dollar plan in the drought stricken state to improve new reservoirs and dams and water tunnels. He wants a high speed rail line from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Washington needs to learn from some good Democratic leaders and save this country from its own bias.   

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