Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Here we go, another approach with dealing with pain. I like it because it sounds simple. We are all used to taking a pill for pain in fact 80% of all pain killers taken in the world are being taken here in the United States. There is a woman who claims she can elevate chronic pain in a much healthier pill- free -way   by simply manipulating a body part with a strange name you probably never heard of. Who knows if this is a cure for you?  All I know is that we need alternatives.

It is estimated that over 100 million people suffer from some kind of chronic pain somewhere on their body. $600 billion dollars are spent health care in lost wages and lost productivity. If you don’t feel well, you just don’t want to do anything. With numbers that high, everyone must be looking for some answers. It is simply called the Melt Method developed by Susan Hitzmann and is described in length in her book published by Harper Collins in a 300 page paperback. It is all about working on a part of the body that no one ever heard of. The connecting tissue called Fascia located just under your skin.

Armed with a little ball and foam filled rollers that can be purchased at Amazon as a kit for joint and muscle free pain relief, she says you are on the way to pain management. She says that by stimulating the connective tissue in the body with pressure points in the Fascia it will stimulate tissue, loosen it up and reducing inflammation thus reducing aches, pains and stiffness. It sounds too simple to be true.  The secret is not just a massage kind of thing. You need to stimulate your body in organized ways from day to day. She gives one on one classes as well as group instruction.

There are customers who have had multiple surgeries for pain that said that after a month of her regime they feel better. I haven`t tried it and make no money as an endorsement this is just information I come by. They say what makes it different is that it is a interface between systems. There are nerve ending s in your Fascia so if it is inflamed, it can feel painful. So, by manipulating the Fascia through massage or stretching like doing yoga, or even acupuncture, they could be reducing their perception of pain. In acupuncture they put a needle into connecting tissue that winds around the needle and after that, every time you move your needle, the Fascia moves with it; according to Dr. Helene Langevin from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Research into Fascia is relatively new and it is difficult to scientifically measure pain levels but you and I know when we are experiencing it.  Many people feel that they feel an immediate difference. I will try it because it is a drug free method to reduce pain. I will try it because it is something I can do and not rely on a chiropractor or specialist or masseuse.

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