Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cruz already gives me the Blues! Normally I hate talking about politics and especially do not want to talk about Presidential candidates 2 years before the election but this idiot has already declared that he is the first guy on line to run in the race. Even Donald Trump is smart enough to know that this is the time to hire exploratory committees to see if you are popular enough to get the votes to run in the race. He cancelled his $350,000 popular show The Celebrity Apprentice for next year to concentrate on the possibility of running.

Who is Ted Cruz anyway? He is a Republican Junior Senator on the job for less than 2 years from Texas. You would think he would want to do something notable as a Senator before he tried to climb the next ring of a ladder in his career. He has time. He is only 44 years old. It already seems that he is more career driven than caring for anything significant being done about our troubled country. He announced his wishes in a 30 second video on Twitter and then explained further why he gives me the blues in a speech at Liberty University where students were wearing Rand Paul shirts in the front row. I guess Cruz was too busy saying “Pick Me” to even find some students who want him and see that they get front row seats.
He should also take note that there are other possible Republican candidates that have better fundraising networks and stronger institutional support. In the Senate he has been more of an agitator than a legislature   where John McCain, a fellow Republican called him a   ”wacko bird.” But name calling aside and disorganization aside it is his beliefs and comments that give me the blues. However, like Obama who is a smooth speaker, Cruz has good skills as a debater. He was named U.S. National Speaker of the Year in 1992 at Princeton University. He out-did a strong contender by aligning himself with the popular Tea Party to get his Senate seat in 2012. Now he hopes to be President by cozying up to the large church based evangelical groups in Washington to get elected.

He is pushing his Christian conservatism on America by speaking at places founded by the evangelical leader Jerry Falwell. What ever happened to the rule of our Constitutional founders to separate church and state?  Isn’t there enough problems over people pushing their religions on people that we don’t need that in our country too?  Much of the beauty of America is that people of all religions can live here in peace and equality. Please don’t change that here Mr. Cruz! In his speech he said, “God isn’t done with America” What the hell does that mean? Is that some kind of threat? Whose   God is he talking about? Sometimes   I thank God for a nice couple of shots of Jack Daniels on the rocks. Don’t tell me what I feel like worshiping man!
His speech had the ring of the religious testimony   of an evangelical church. So go get your own church and leave my country out of it! He declared his opposition to abortion and his support of traditional marriage. Well then he needs a reality check that there is a population of Americans that are of all genders that favor any kind of marriage and that women really would like to make their own decisions when it comes to their uterus. How about we start talking about sterilizing men who do not provide all the bare assed kids in America with no child support or parent at home? Who is going to raise all the unwanted kids?

He emotionally described how his embrace of Jesus saved his parents’ marriage. Now we all know that Bush used to have conversations with Jesus but this guy has a father who hugged Jesus. Wow! What did he really look like? His father Rafael, is a pastor at a suburban Dallas church, fled Castro’s Cuba in 1957. Cruz’s Cuban-American heritage could be a selling point for the Republican Party as it tries to reach out to Hispanic voters, although his hard line stance on immigration could be a complication with voters. Although I hate his beliefs, he comes to the party with a great educational background.

He graduated from Princeton, and then from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, before clerking at the Supreme Court for Chief Justice William Rehnquist. It makes me get the blues to see such a smart man say and do so many stupid things after one speech. In this speech he said he would abolish the IRS and secure the borders meanwhile he and his father benefited greatly from coming to America. He said he is relying on the power of religious conservatives to rise to power in this country and take it over. Is he suggesting religious wars on our shores? Sure he said these outrageous views at the largest Christian University in America. Let’s see how well he does when he decides to mouth off out side of his own backyard.

Cruz is also   outspokenly   opposed to Obama care.   So he wants no abortions and no   heath care.  How is that to be done? His wife Heidi contributed over one million dollars of her money from her career to his campaign and took a un-paid leave of absence from her job as a Managing Director at Goldman-Sacks. I got the blues.

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