Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Those bastard spoiled brats Patriots who somehow won the Super Bowl now don’t want to wait for Saturday for a parade in their honor in Boston. They will be scattered all over wherever already by then so the Parade will be during this week surrounded by snow storms crippling the Boston area. You would think they would be honored to stand and wave at the crowds of fans that sacrificed their hard earned money to waste on tickets and shirts to line the player’s pockets with millions of dollars.  Their now or never attitude is a slap in the face to the fans who work for a living during the week and to the Boston area that has to now scramble to get the snow removed faster for a parade now.

They don’t even deserve to use the name Patriots. An American Patriot is a very special human being. We all know that war is stupid. It is almost as stupid as the game of football where able bodied men deliberately stare each other in the eye and then try to injure each other for no reason other than to dominate in yardage to get to the other side and win points. The real Patriots put their lives at risk for a cause, for freedom and many died to make life easier for their fellow Americans. I choose to honor them not a stupid football team that pays no taxes.

Some American Patriots wore grey and some wore blue and the land that they fought on for a cause should be considered very valuable. It was about 150 years ago in 1854 that the Union and Confederate soldiers fought their way across fields in Tennessee and Pennsylvania.   On some of the fields there were 10,000 deaths of brave men. Nearly 1,500 Confederate bodies are buried in one place nearby where reenactment battles take place now.  It is called The McGavock   Confederate Cemetery.  All of them no matter what uniform they wore died to make us all Americans.    Sadly today if you research the battlegrounds and visit the areas you will see them being transformed into golf courses or shopping centers.

We need to make these places historic sites where people can visit and at least remember their own history. Now there is a war raging to reclaim Civil War Battlefields.  30-40 acres per day are gone to future developments. There are some people who have formed a Civil War Trust where the funds donated go directly into buying lands that need to be preserved.  Gettysburg was the site of the bloodiest battle ever on United States soil. It became a National Military Park in 1895 but significant important places were left out including Confederate Robert E. Lee’s headquarters. There is a motel there now. According to the Trust people 40% of the lands have been lost.

The front lines then are still the front lines now even 150 years later. Let’s respect the real Patriots this weekend;  our  Civil War hero’s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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