Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Something new is out there again to change everything once again. We saw it many times before in our lifetime and we are used to throwing our stuff out for the next big thing. We threw out the records for cassettes and threw them out for IPods and threw them out for our smart phones. Now we can throw out our charging cords for the phones. The newest thing is called uBeam that is a transmitter that lets you power up your gadgets over thin air. The idea is the creation from a hot young 25 year old girl Meredith Perry who founded uBeam after winning an invention competition at the University of Pennsylvania.

Perry’s company is called uBeam, and if the New Jersey transplant has her way, the name of her company will be as familiar as Wi-Fi.  What she has done is straight out of Star Trek. “The dream is to replace all electrical outlets with uBeam transmitters.” Says Perry. “You’ll wake up and just go through your day with your device, and it will be charging in your house, in your car, at your bus stop, at your gym, at your hotel. We want to be absolutely everywhere. Wires won’t be anywhere.” SCREECH! Will the existing industry that is so dependent on copper wiring for everything just let us throw all that stuff out even if it is for a wire free world?

Here’s how it works. uBeam’s transmitter is a wafer-thin square the size of a salad plate that punches out ultrasonic frequencies much like a speaker creates sound. The receiver, currently in the form of a smartphone case, resonates at the same high frequency and turns that imperceptible movement into energy charging the phone.   Will industries like Apple work with this company? Will Archectics construct this new innovation into their building plans? UBeam’s transmitter doesn’t go through walls, so a square tile is required for each room. Although uBeam is still a few years from being consumer-ready. Perry is convinced her “competitively   priced” creation will find its way into our homes and any commercial space where devices are uses which is just about everywhere these days.
She realizes she is proposes breaking new ground with this idea. The problem is that society doesn’t usually do what is good for the world but rather promotes something that will make the most money for an industry. F the consumer. That is why there is so many existing problems with energy and manufacturing. Perry says, “What I’ve seen over the years is people making tiny improvements in existing technology as opposed to saying, ‘Let’s throw this all out and do something new.’ She says, “I know the odds are against me. But I wouldn’t start a company and bust my ass for years unless we were working on something of the magnitude better than anything else out there.” Did I mention that she is only 25 years old?

Bottom line she needs to partner with Apple or Google to make new devices needing this kind of charging. Mark Cuban is in on it with a $750,000 investment and Starbucks and McDonald's in England are offering this service. It shouldn’t be treated as a new trendy thing. All the powers that be should work together on this thing and make America truly wireless. Try telling that to the copper guys. Sigh!

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