Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fine hand crafted good quality items still exist. They are hard to find and are very expensive but thankfully things of quality have been handed down from generation to generation. It is important to learn from the lessons an earlier generation of craftsmen who have learned themselves throughout the years. Knowledge is power and will always be the driving force and lasting power in the world. We find ourselves looking towards Europe or ancient china to find craftsmen from older generations still perfecting their handiwork.

If you have an exquisite lady in your life then she deserves and would appreciate an exquisite item in her collection of favorite things to be surrounded with.  You will find that thing that will make her eyes open wide and that smile slowly enter her lips as the gaze goes to you in admiration for knowing that this item this gift is her and therefore she wants you even more. Yes the tradition of gift giving is very much tied into romance and remembrance. Of course you want to be remembered for giving her the best item and not the ridiculous.  That is why men will pay any price for the admiration and then hopefully romance too.

For men Valentines Day must be calculated this week in their budget. In seven days, just one week from now we must choose that special woman if we haven’t chosen her already, find that   special gift. Purchase it, present it and then have accomplished her admiration for yet another year.  I seek the wares of the French leather company Hermes that recently opened another store in Beverley Hills. It has been a luxury leather company for almost 180 years. The latest generation running the company is a Dumont descendant and his cousin.  The company now makes everything from clothing to furniture.

Grace Kelly has a purse named after her in the collection of leather goods. Kim Kardashian is always seen with her HERMES but has nothing named after her. Remember I said this stuff is for classy women. There are also the famous silk scarves with their ornate designs and horses and riding gear. They even sell a beautiful leather sleekly designed saddle for your favorite riding horse. The founder of the company was a harness maker. His son took over the business and offered the harnesses to retail. It was called the Hermes Freres Gallery. The bags are so pricey and popular, they were lusted after in the movie Sex and The City in the 201 movie where Kim Cattrall lusts over a $4,000 hand bag that has a 5 year waiting list.

The company makes no apologies for the scarcity or the cost of the bags. It could be $10,000 for items that must wait for the best skins. One bag takes about 18 months to make.  Every stitch is hand sewn.  It is an honor to work for the company in France.  During the First World War, a Dumont family member went to America and bought the European rights to the American invention of the zipper.  Emil loved purchasing new and different things like a parasol made entirely from feathers which later became the inspiration for a $400 scarf. A horse and carriage made from paper is the inspiration on many scarves. Since 1937 the company makes only 20 new designs of scarf each year.
Revenue has doubled in the company in the last 4 years. There are now over 300 stores World Wide. They made about 1 billion dollars in profits last year alone. They believe they are profitable because they are a family company and they take pride over profit. Take pride in what you have at any price and take no one for granted.

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