Thursday, February 5, 2015

Do you know who James Corden is? I never heard of him. He looks like a British version of Chris Farly who died but was famous from Saturday Night Live years ago. Do we need another overweight yelling comic here in America? Apparently so. Soon we can see this new guy every night if we like on CBS TV. He is a very big star in British entertainment   ever since 2006 when he stared in a show called The History Boys that was later made into a movie. He is always the overweight one in the middle of wise guys in a group but gets plenty of laughs or exposure.
Why are so many comics overweight? The stage production won full houses in the United Kingdom and on Broadway.  The Wrong Mans in 2003 was a movie he stared in where he was funny trying to be ghetto. Fat white guys can never pull that off without a laugh. In 2008 he stared in a sitcom called Gavin & Stacey that made him extremely well known. Where? There not here in the states. If he dares to go for a walk in public there he is soon surrounded by fans. There, not here. Is that why he is coming here to America? For a change the British are seeking freedom of sorts in America.

He is now 36 years old and about to leave the   confines of the London show business scene. We know him now because he stared in the mega-musical called Into The Woods but yet he is hardly mentioned here. It is our beloved actress Meryl Streep who is seen at every award show representing the on screen Musical waiting for another award to be deservingly awarded to her as she also stars in the Musical. He plays the everyman Baker caught up in a fairy tale nightmare. Yet the big male name in this movie is Johnny Depp not his name.

Luck seems to follow him because he has been chosen to be the new host to replace Craig Furgenson on the Late Late Show that follows the David Letterman show on late night TV. James is honored and anxious to take on America every night. Why do we need British guys anyway? Did we finally run out of funny American guys? Corden has done talk ho hosting before. It was a sports based game show on Sky TV. He has done regular feature sports clips with David Beckham on a show called Sport Relief in 2010.

He has been able to sell himself in America by thinking that humor in the Internet age does not have the same international barriers that they once had. He admits that no one in America even cares if something would be funny in Britain. He stared in a show called One Man, Two Guvnos from Music Box Theatre in 2012. It was a hit in the UK and on Broadway and he won a Tony award for his performance in this show. The critics love him and he is big box office. So, we will see if he finally becomes a household name in this country even if he has to let us see his brand of comedy antics every week night.

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