Thursday, January 8, 2015

WORLD WAR III has begun. This is a war of radical religious men against free speech in every country. Reporters are being beheaded in the Middle East and terrorism acts of random violence is occurring in just about any location these days and now last night more cartoonist journalists are executed in broad daylight by fellow Muslim countrymen in France. It is also ironic that the trial of our Boston Massacre terrorist is about to begin when this happens. These Muslim Militants will not be happy until all the world is Muslim and they are everywhere in every country and even boast of their coming planned massacres on their TV stations. Quite simply there is one God one belief, their religion. Their women are used simply for sex and producing more militant children. Muslims are the fastest growing population in the world. If they succeed in killing every reporter, every other view of life than their way of living, democracy and freedom in every way is gone.?
So far one suspect an 18 year old has been taken into custody for the terrorist attack in France. Why are these young men so willing to risk their young lives? When I was 18 I wanted peace and love for all people. They are brainwashed that if they do something dramatic they will be rewarded with 7 virgins somewhere in heaven. That means they could care less about their women other than just being a dick holder. Two others are still on the run. The strike on the innocent reporters was methodical and ruthless. The terror in Paris should be a worry of people all over the world because the enemy can be living right next door to you. No uniform but definitely bi-lingual.

The shocking very clear street video cameras gave us clear video of the attack that we could be thinking it was a new movie.   No, sadly it was real life. Terrorists wearing ski masks and automatic weapons sprayed bullets everywhere. The attack began in broad daylight at 11:30 A.M.  to the headquarters of a satirical newspaper called Charlie Hebdo,   that draws political cartoons. Yes, a publication that informs but also makes us laugh. Muslims do not like laughter about their God. It is located in a busy part of France about a mile south of the Notre Dame Cathedral. The gunmen immediately kill a guard at the front door. Inside they find a cartoonist for the paper and they force her to give the office security code that opens the door to the staff at an editorial meeting. They kill the editor first and then 9 others. All executed with shots right to the head. They called out each person’s name first.

Five minutes later, they rush out of the building shouting God is great ”Allahu akbar “, we avenge the prophet Mohammad. Outside we see them killing police officers. The two men still out there are Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi two brothers. Their car was found empty about a mile away. In all, 12 people were killed, 11 wounded, 4 critically. Hours later the youngest of the three terrorists surrendered in the town of Charleville-Mezieres about 140 miles north-east of Paris. One of the brothers Charif was sentenced to prison for terrorism in 2008. It is time terrorist are killed on the spot to prevent these acts of random violence from reoccurring on innocent people doing their jobs.
This attack appears to be highly organized. Their weapons were AK-47 automatic rifles and they had extra ammunition strapped across their chest. They wore special firing gloves to steady their aim. The tight cluster holes on the windshield of the police cars indicate they were excellent marksmen in control of their gun able to fire in clusters instead of random wild shots. These three spoke French and were homegrown highly skilled terrorists in their own country. That is the enemy the free world has to deal with now. Three years ago the newspaper was targeted after they printed pictures of Mohammad in cartoons. This time they succeeded in killing the editor of the newspaper who was just exercising free speech and approved satirical cartoons about Jesus  and political figures alike. Muslims are to tell us what we are to think about too? There have been high profile attacks in Canada and Australia. THE WORLD IS NOW UNDER ATTACK. Today is a day of National Morning in France with their flags at half staff for three days. Last night thousands of people gathered in open areas holding up signs saying NOT AFRAID! We must be strong and never be afraid to speak our minds for without our thoughts and feelings we are nothing. Please spread the word to be able to worship whoever you want and live in peace and harmony everywhere.

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  1. I wrote this blog three years ago. Has much changed? You decide.