Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We all know that President Obama’s best attribute is his speech skills. He could sell a rock to a mountainside if he had to with his nice smile and calm demeanor and he did it again at last week’s State of the Union speech to America. He found a way to say so many nice things about his administration, you would think he was running for reelection again. For most of our history it used to be a written document known as the Annual Message. The first televised State of the Union Address was in 1947 with our then President   Harry Truman.

Somehow President Obama’s approval rating has jumped nine points since his party got defeated in the mid-term elections. In the house there are only 188 democrats to 246 elected republicans.  For the first time in years the republicans also took control of the Senate too. There are only 44 democratic senators to 54 republican seats. Obama managed to ignore these striking numbers and made no mention of such a democratic failure in his speech.  He was defiant and declaring victory over the recession. He looked confident and showed his feelings of accomplishment although he pushed more ideas that he knows with a republican majority at his back would not support his future plans.

He wants to help the middle class with affordable childcare, free community college and a higher minimum wage. He said, “If you truly believe that you can work full time and support a family on less than $15,000 dollars per year, than try it!” The democrats in the building stood and applauded, the republicans didn’t move. When it was all over the bets at the bar went accordingly. He received 33 applause interruptions, 6 laughter interruptions and 36 standing ovations.   Not bad for a room full of opposes types. I like watching these things even though only 40% of people tuned in. I like to see the expressions of our elected leaders and body language. Most of the ideas in these speeches ever become law, I like to see the visions of our presidents. I will never forget Regan’s star wars defense systems proposed for America meanwhile a lower scaled version was just given to the ever grateful Israelis and is used often to kill the missiles in the air like fireworks now for those people.

If I had a room full of republicans and I were the democrat President I would have included how I achieved the agendas of many of the Republican candidates that I defeated.  Unemployment is down to 5.6% , it is about the 60th month in a row of private sector job growth, the most ever.  It is the most jobs created since 1999.  The stock market has tripled since Obama took office, health care is here for everyone. Mitt Romney said he wanted to be 5% by the time he took office and Obama has achieved his goal. Ryan said he wanted unemployment under 6% and Obama has achieved his goal.  Newt Gingrich said he would get gas prices down below $2.50 a gallon and Obama has achieved that too with two years to spare under his rule.  In my opinion he did not boast enough to the many stone faced ungrateful republicans who rudely just stared at him during his speech.

The State of The Union Speech should still be watched by Americans because it gives us insight as to where our elected leaders want to go next in their goals for our country.

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