Saturday, December 6, 2014

They are legally robbing Cancer patients charging a lot of money for no reason for their necessary long term medication. Throw the drug company lobbyists out of Washington. Protest that! Cancer is so common in that it has touched almost every family in this country yet no one is stopping the pharmaceutical companies from robbing us. More than 1 out of 3 of us will be diagnosed with some form of it in our lifetime. Cancer is still alive and well in this country that has spent billons of dollars supposedly trying to cure the disease.

The shock and anxiety of getting a diagnose is followed up with a second jolt of the high price of what few lifesaving drugs we have to battle the Cancer monster. The price of the drugs is so high that a growing number of patients can’t afford their co-pay, the percentage of the drug they have to pay from their own pocket. We can not cut the few dollars we earn each week into any more categories. Our dollars are already spent on a variety of other essential bills and taxes. We are in a situation now where a Cancer diagnosis is the leading cause for personal bankruptcy.

The price of a new drug to you is well over $100,000 per year and you need it for long term recovery. The average patient needs about 5 different drugs. Now we are talking $500 grand to live. This is crazy. What the hell is in those pills to make them be worth so much money? Or is it the drug company lobbyists in Washing getting the wink and go ahead from Congress to charge whatever they please? They are capitalizing on a person’s fear and anxiety over their own death. It does cost money to produce these life saving drugs but expert doctors believe that the price of them is just to12 when the FDA approved Zaltrap, for treating advanced Colon Cancer, doctors compared the new drug to Avastin, a drug that does the same thing that was already being used on patients. Both drugs proved to do the same thing of improving survival by about 2 months of life. It is like choosing between Coke or Pepsi in that they are both Cola’s. Zaltron costs about $11 thousand more dollars per month than Avastin.

Dr. Peter Bach, from  Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center is an expert on Cancer drug prices. He compared the both drugs and what was never done before rejected the new drug because it costs twice the price for giving people just months more to live. A patient should not have to pay 2 thousand dollars out of pocket more for Zaltron. The New York Times reported that Congress passed laws to allow pharmaceutical companies to charge whatever they wanted for the drugs they produce.  When  the hell did American citizens give the go ahead for this practice? Throw the Congressional paid off bums out from Congress. It is bad enough that they manage to constantly get re-elected for their jobs year after year.

Medicare has to charge whatever the drug company charges. Also the single biggest source of income for private practice oncologist is the commission they make from cancer drugs. That is why your drugs cost so much. The doctors are buying drugs from the pharmaceutical companies wholesale and sell them retail to their patients. Your neighborhood drug dealer isn’t probably getting a better deal on his corner deals. The markup for Medicare patients guaranteed by law is 6%. Where is commerce in all this guaranteed money for them out of our already empty sickly pockets?

This is why you can not watch the nightly news or any show on TV without being bombarded with countless expensive commercials tell you to recommend costly drugs to your doctor because the drug company can charge whatever they feel like and the doctor gets more of a kick back on the more expensive drug. It makes you wish all medical professionals rot in hell for not putting sick people needs first and their profits last.  So either come up with the money, cancer patient,  or die. The bastard drug companies made Gleevec that is the most successful cancer drug making people live longer. They tripled the price despite its success and widespread use.  Drugs in this country cost more than in other countries because we do not negotiate prices. Take your sick sorry ass to Canada where you might be able to afford to live.

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