Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If you love Italy please love Italian designer clothes because the Italian fashion industry is the only ones coming up with the money to save and restore Italy.  We all should be proud to know that civilization even existed and lasted so long ago when the buildings of Italy was constructed and with the craftsmanship to last generations. It is estimated that Italy is home to 2/3rds the world’s treasures. Right now the country is too poor to keep its historic ruins , churches and monuments from crumbling down to dust from all the 20thcentury chemicals they must try to stand up too. Italy is very much in debt. Taxes go unpaid. Corruption in politics is everywhere. Someone needs to save Italy.!
The government is offering nothing to save the countries treasures, a much more respected part of Italy is stepping up to the plate. The fashion Industry. The greatest survivor of the ancient world, The Colosseum  that fit 50 thousand people in Rome, built by the hands of slaves in just ten years and was finished so long ago that it was just 50 years after the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ . Yes built in Biblical times. The people with the most power sat at the bottom and the slaves and women, the people with the least power sat at the top of the arena.  This was done because the men were afraid that their slaves would kill them and that their women would go off with a Gladiator.
Watch the recent film called The Gladiator starring Russell Crow to see the historical accuracy the filmmakers took in the making of the film. In one part you see a lion rise up from a trap door in the ground. The excavators have only recently uncovered the basements of the structure to reveal places where there were wooden elevators propelled by ropes and pulleys raised to the main floor. They found hallways, dungeons for slaves and cages for animals. Currently 6 Million tourists visit Rome and it’s architectural treasures each year.

They receive only 5% percent of the money they need to control crowds and maintain the building. To prevent further ruin, a benefactor is spending $35 Million dollars to restore the place . He is Diego Della Valle a leather bag designer called Tod’s.  Who would spend so much of their own money to restore history? He would. His shoes and handbags are stitched by hand and his restoration is also being done by hand and tiny brushes to remove centuries of dirt off the structure. The Colosseum is made of limestone so only purified water, no chemicals and elbow grease is being used in the restoration process. The arches are going from murky brown to creamy white making the structure look almost new.

Others have followed in his footsteps and are restoring other places. The Fende Fashion House donated $3.5 Million dollars to restore the plumbing for the Trevi Mountains. Elsewhere in Rome, the Bulgari  Jewelry giant is paying to clean and repair The Spanish Steps.  In Venice the 400 year old bridge over the Rialto Canal will be cleaned and strengthened thanks to $7 Million dollars from Renzp Rosso creator of Diesel Jeans. Without the generosity of these generous Billionaires, Italy would just be another European country ravaged by unemployment, corruption and widespread tax evasion. Thank You Italian Fashion

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