Saturday, November 29, 2014

When you step back as we all do in the season of gift giving and reflect on who you love the most this year, family always comes first because they are a part of you. That unconditional love thing creeps in. Then before we look at extended family or co-workers we look at  those who give us that un-conditional love and that is our pets. Especially our dogs. Cats will give you attitude even when things are going well but there is nothing better than a dog who will lick and share the love even right after you had to scold him about something.

For many people, their dogs are their everything and sometimes the only welcoming thing to come home to. Then why must we leave them behind when we go away on business or on vacation? Maybe the only one we wish to give a gift to in the season of gift giving is our faithful dog who has always happily been there to great us when we go home. Well now you can treat your pup in grand style in Vegas right now.

Take your dog to Vegas with you and they will be treated right starting from a trip right from the airport in a luxury SUV as your ride to the rejuvenating spa and suites awaiting their arrival. You would be able to see your dog throughout his stay on your cell phone since there are cameras in every room. There is a 24/7 live stream. There are full sized beds for him to sleep on and walks and dogie massages every day for a $500 week’s stay.

Your dog is not stuck in a kennel or a crate and can be living the life as you have decided to do in this season of gift giving and gave yourself a trip to Vegas. Your pooch can be pampered to extreme. Zaneta Tomeczyk is the co-owner of Luxe Pet Hotels that has a boutique where you can purchase a 18 carat gold plated collar for your pet with leather from Milan, Italy for $175 dollars. It is not that expensive when you are talking about the nice quality of the item.  Would your relative always lick you if you gave something like that to them? Ugh

There are upgrades like massage rooms that claim to keep the dogs calm and flexible that cost $80 per massage. There are 15 custom celebrity suites for the dogs to sleep in with silk sheets and memory foam mattresses. There is a work out room for overweight dogs that have a dogie treadmill. Outside is complete with a swimming pool and cabanas and room for the dogs to socialize with other guest dogs. The best part is when even after all that special treatment your dog is still happiest when he sees you again. Do you have a friend or relative that is that happy to see you?

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