Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When it comes to any of the numbers recorded in The Baseball Hall of Fame we need to have initials like the way we tell time . We need B.D. and A.D. referring to Before Drugs and After Drugs that were used to enhance players performance at bat and on the field. Fame and shame seem to be blurred in Cooperstown the home of Baseball’s Hall of Fame or is it Shame with the actions of recent players on and off the field. This past summer is when they place new members to be honored at the museum. Tony LaRussa was being considered to be inducted. He is being honored for being guiding management for teams he managed from 2,728 wins. That is a remarkable number of wins that ranks third in baseball history.
The problem I have with all those wins is that about 43% per cent of those wins were recorded when Tony was managing Marc McGuire. Most of those wins were had with his beefed up drug induced super powers. I am talking about the same Marc McGuire who was denied inclusion into the hall because voters believed his super power numbers were owed to him taking steroids. Marc had excellent numbers but was vilified from the Hall of Fame but yet his manager is being considered by using the same numbers? Tony also benefited from Marc’s drug induced feats. Tony played dumb while Marc’s numbers were continually getting bigger as well as his physique from steroid intake.

I have admiration for both Marc and Tony because they simply did what they did when they did and thought there was nothing wrong with what they did . So, they did it. Sigh My problem now is with the standards of the Hall of Fame.  How can they shame Marc McGuire for what he did but honor Tony LaRussa into the Hall of Fame based on the same inflated numbers?  If Tony deserves to be in the Hall then how can you not give credit to the guy who got him there? That Hall of Fame or Shame should rethink its requirements hand hold the same standards to everyone they choose to honor there.

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