Friday, October 10, 2014

It is good yet again to be George Clooney. Every man wishes at least once in their lives to be him and every woman wishes she made love to him at least in her dreams. The younger generation doesn’t understand. They just see a old greying man with a nice smile who has been in a couple of movies. The rest of us see him as the nice guy we grew up with that knew his aunt , Rosemary the great singer and we saw his father the announcer on the old movie channel. George is like one of the guys from the neighborhood who just made it big without ever changing even his hair style or accent or even try to play a evil guy in the movies

We are all talking about him because he was America’s playboy of sorts who always had a beautiful woman at his side and claimed to never want to marry. All men were secretly jealous of his candor about marriage too. Then love caught it’s grip on his mental attitude when he met someone who is beautiful, brilliant and a multi-lingual lawyer. He got married to this woman in the magical city of Venice. The party cost millions and the guest list was filled with the most famous of friends and the press was out in force trying to capture the excitement for all of us. He is like American royalty if we had any.

There were 150 guests invited to the wedding. The only way to get to the event is by boat but Venice has water taxi's that are stylish, made of highly polished wood with soft leather seats inside and a wonderful way to make a grand entrance with the wind blowing in her hair and the form of your bodies showing with your clothes pressed up against your chest. They had three days of extravagant parties.  Guests were escorted in style to their hotels by private water limos where the drivers had jackets engraved with the initials of the bride and groom.  Every star smiled for photos and it was treated like a wonderful event that even the photo people were having fun too.

The couple stayed at the five star Hotel Ciprani which is like a functioning museum complete with timeless frescoes painted on the  walls and ceilings. He is so loved there that the Hotel serves a drink named after him called the Clooney cocktail. Venice is as beautiful as a film set anyway. The reception was held on a separate island to the seven star Aman Hotel. Clooney loves Italy and has a home there, and is good friends with the former mayor of Venice who married them. Why get married when you are voted the sexiest man alive in People magazine twice in two different decades? He was on the cover with that declaration in 1997 and in 2006. He ages  well I guess.

This sexiest man alive always had a string of beautiful women at his side and publically said he was not interested in marriage and the within months of meeting her, he is publicly announcing his life long pledge to her. She is a human rights lawyer educated in Oxford and New York University. He met her only last October and got engaged just six months later. The wedding cost about $13 Million dollars. Clooney’s best man Randy Herber who is model Cindy Crawford’s husband brought 50 cases of Tequila to be handed out to just about anyone who was wishing them well on his private jet. The 53 year old Clooney is now married to 36 yer old Amal Alamuddin .

The usually private Clhis time was smiling to the world and was nice to everyone. Most celebrities are always grumbling about wanting privacy and suing photographers. He was treated with respect because he respects others. This event put an end to the summer’s celebrity weddings. No one knew that Brad and Angelina got married until after it was over. So, let’s welcome Signora Clooney and wish America’s Mr. Nice Guy a happy new life.


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