Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Do you need a job? There is a new category of workers if you can call them that who earn a living by waiting. We are so busy lately that we just do not have time to wait anywhere so we hire someone to wait on line for us. Are you patient enough to wait on line for hours? Or are you the one paying someone to wait on line for you? We see the lines especially at holiday time or when the latest gadget comes out. There will be a line of people who have to have it first of all their friends and family. I guess it is a recognition thing or maybe just a really need for the latest product out there.

We saw the frenzy of got to have it people types with the pre-order of Apple’s IPhone 6. Then we saw the lines around the block for those who wanted it in their hands. The line sitting folk. It is this culture’s ultimate pride to hold the phone up high as people cheer you on your way. Then there are those people who just want the thing and do not want to wait on line for it.  Enter a new kind of business called Pro Line Sitters. Their slogan is, “We wait for your wants.!” Telephone # 347 744 WAIT. Robert Samuel is the founder of SOLD Inc. and has no problem saying that he waits for a living. Now why didn’t the government think of this concept and put every unemployed , I can’t find a job person working at least making money waiting?

You need patience for the job sometimes waiting for up to 38 hours to be first on line for something new.  The veterans of the company scout out which would be the best locations to wait on based on popularity in the neighborhoods, bathroom accessibility and food choices. Then go to work with a comfortable chair, cooler, book to read or something to do, umbrella if necessary and blanket. Yes, camp out. Robert said he got paid $100 for his first job and demand has picked up. His hardest thing now is to find patient people to actually sit and wait on line for the duration. I guess patience really is a virtue. His company of line worriers have waited for first time released products like Jordan sneaker releases, video game consoles, women shoe sample sales and of course all of Apple’s latest releases always in high  demand.

His company is not alone among the line sitters.  Look on a place called Task Rabbit where you can find line sitters who charge hourly rates. Typically there is no extra cost for the phone’s and delivery. The line waiting fee is $25 dollars for the first hour and $20 dollars for each additional hour.  So the full pay for his 38 hour wait was $765 dollars.  In order to be first on line, sometimes you have to be waiting this far in advance. At times he has a team of people waiting to get a lot of the well in demand product. Three days later, his job is over and he feels like it is Christmas in September making his clients very happy to be one of the first to hold the newest phone.  Is this what Mom meant when she told me, “Good things come to those who wait?” At that time all I had to wait for was my sisters to get the mashed potatoes at dinner first.

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