Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ok this ISIS is a threat to just about everyone and we have to be in fear that the evil ones are in this country ready to take their knives out and just chop our heads off. You would think this was Biblical times and not this century where the United States Military spends billions of dollars on state of the art airplanes to fight no other high tech military power. Our enemy are individuals with rags on their faces chopping heads off. We need to deal with this threat not with expensive weapons but with our Veterans.

Our most recent soldiers are already tarnished by war over the last 10 years of continuous war in the Middle East. They left America proud in shiny uniforms fit and trim with smiles on their faces. They returned broken and paranoid sick and penniless and homeless. Yet even just a torso left of a Veteran has the hate and the experience to deal with any individual ready to come out of the shadows to chop their head off too.  I say let’s give the Veterans at least what all Veterans got after other major wars in recent history. Our recent Veterans are our best defense against any terrorist in this country.

After World War II President Franklin Roosevelt signed The Servicesmen's Readjustment Act also known as the G I ‘s Bill of Rights in 1944. The government wanted to assure that there would be opportunities that returning men and women who fought in the war would have offered to them on United States soil.  They wanted to avoid the bad treatment Veterans got after World War I. In 1932 there was a march on Washington by Veterans demanding compensation and were met by active member troops who disbursed them by force. By contrast, the G I Bill promised Veterans lots of benefits.

After World War II Veterans were offered jobs only given to them. If they could not find a suitable job, they were given steady money for a year after. The government also offered to pay all of a Veteran’s school bills if they chose to go to college or some technical school to learn a trade.  That included tuition and supplies.  They also got a separate check for living expenses as long as they remained enrolled in classes.  They were offered even more money if they had dependents like wives or children. In 1947 nearly half the college admissions in the United States were Veterans studying under the G I Bill.

Then there were also benefits offered to Veterans only hoping to get a loan.  Benefits that helped them to afford to buy a home. Communities that were built just to house returning Veterans and their families were built.  More than 8 Million soldiers took part in the benefits offered to them after the war. This War in the Middle East is the longest war in America. We have Veterans that have re-enlisted for the most tours of duty because after every tour there was less and less for them to come home to in America. Our present crop of Veterans need these kinds of deals more than ever now.  

President Obama has brought back mostly all of the troops to American soil. The terrorists want to have home grown terrorists now. We are finding the enemy here in our neighborhoods. We should be paying our Veterans to keep watch over our neighborhoods because they are the best trained people we know to do the job. Pay our soldiers the 500 Million dollars President Obama just approved to spend on bombs and weapons in Syria. Our GI’s deserve it more.

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