Saturday, August 9, 2014

Where has he been and really Canada, he is the only person worthy the same respect as the Queen? The only two people in Canada who have their image on postal stamps is Mike Myers and the Queen.  Canada, really, he shagged women in his movies .Is he the best Canada has? He is now 51 years old, the father of two children and happy to lead the quiet life after a career of very successful movies and memorable comedy sketches.

At one time he was just about everywhere but now he says, how am I going to miss you if you don’t go anywhere? He must also be filthy rich now to have the confidence to say something like that. In the 1980’s and 90’s Mike was the face that launched a thousand catch phrases that are now phone rings and other messaging phrases like  his” Yeah Baby “from Austin Powers and “she was a babe swing” from Wayne’s World.   .The Austin Powers movies alone took in more than half a Billion dollars worldwide.

Mike says that his favorite character he played was Dr. Evil because he always loved the Bond movie type villains. They had a habit of saying before I kill you, let me tell you my plan. Funny. And why? But it was Wayne’s World, Mike’s first film that changed his life forever. The movie based on a Saturday Night Live sketch was full of real rock stars including Alice Cooper who was associated with Shep  Gordon who turned out to be a big time talent manager with clients like Teddy Pendercrast and Blondie. Thus a very valuable friendship started.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Mike is the youngest of three boys. His father, Eric was his comic inspiration for many of Mike’s best known characters who sadly never lived long enough to see any of Mike’s success. With his parent’s blessing he became a comic and rose to fame on Saturday Night Live. Every time he could visit Canada again he saw his Dad getting worse till he left his body from   Alzheimer’s .  In November 1991,   just a few weeks from the premier of Wayne’s World his Dad died. It is still tough for him to talk about.

It was Shep Gordon who let Mike use his Hawaii home to grieve and recover and who became the subject of his movie called SuperMensch. It was the story of Shep’s career from his early days with Jimi Hendrix to parties at his Maui Estate. Mike then went on to making all his successful movies.  His latest outing is his appearance on a Canadian postage stamp.  The only other person whose image is on Canadian postage stamps is their Queen. Who knew?

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