Monday, August 18, 2014

Perhaps there is too much violence going on in the world right now. All a kid needs to do is to put on the nightly news to be frightened out of his skin. We have planes disappearing, being shot out of the sky   for   no   reason, war in the Middle East still, war in the Ukraine war in Africa where women get taken away for no reason. The Israelis and Palestine people are fighting over Gaza again.  Terrorists are found all over the globe and that was just last night’s news.  Lots of innocent civilians suffering a lot everywhere. No wonder action movies are down at the box office this summer.

The muscles are still pumped on our old-school action heroes but the new generation is not flocking to the box office to see them like we did when we were kids. Have the new generation of kids already seen it all and are not impressed by our old heroes? The guys staring in the movie called The Expendables 3 which is the latest installment in Sylvester Stallone’s blow-everything-up franchise, couldn’t muster an explosive opening weekend.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did have a second consecutive win at the box office with $28 Million according to studio executives from ticket-sales firm Rentrak. The heroes in a half-shell got past $100 Million while holding off strong competition from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy which collected $24.7 million. Ninja Turtles is one of the rare films this summer to hold onto number one for two weeks because of its family appeal. Years ago this film series would top the numbers most of the summer.

A comedy called Let’s Be Cops whose humor didn’t arrest critics made its debut in third place making $17.7 Million. Only 10% of critics gave this film a thumbs up. According to the survey site called   Rotten Tomatoes. Expendables 3 took in $16 Million to capture fourth place. This is the franchise’s worst opening. Those guys are getting too old to be shooting everything up anymore anyway. They even stopped cussing in the film to give it a PG rating from the other films R rating.  Did you really want to see old guys getting lap dances anyway? Keep Grandpa clean.

Audiences usually flock to sequels, but if you get to number 4, 5, or even 6 then the audience has finally had enough of the same stuff. At least the latest Transformer movie brought in the hundreds of millions of dollars these block buster action packed violent movies expect to earn in the first few weekends out there in the movies. I say kids, lets watch the nightly news to terrorize them. Sigh!

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