Monday, July 7, 2014

It seems that anything goes these days.  Who are we to judge others when quite often we can’t even look in the mirror   and be comfortable with what we see?  No matter who we are or what we do, we all seek comfort and   happiness and most of all self-esteem.  How we achieve that feeling of greatness has changed for many and in some circles have become socially acceptable.  I am blah blah blahing today about the epidemic of sugar babies and their sugar daddies.  Young beautiful girls   need money and     older   men have plenty of money and need to feel younger again.

It is love and money taken to extremes.  Is stunning younger women paired with older men who pay their way   a brilliant strategy or just a thinly veiled form of prostitution?  We all know that ladies love to be spoiled.  There are clubs where people can mingle but with the click of a mouse, even a beautiful college girl can be delivered to your door.  As long as you are not just paying for sex, it is legal.  If you pay for the college or buy them cars or apartments you have become a mentor of sorts helping someone to have a better life.  If consensual sex is added to the formula, that is fine and is considered just a perk legally.

Now you could see a 60 year old with a 20 year old and people understand. Go to any resort or vacation place and it is easy to find a younger woman with   a great new boob job holding hands with an older man.  She is extremely grateful whereas the older wife would just treat a lovely vacation as something that is expected.  The young woman loves sex and the older wife has had enough   of sex.  Young women       always   need money and older men can provide that.  Older men can provide the advice and   education that she can’t afford.

The men just want to have fun.  They want an attractive woman that will make them look handsomer.  Just travel with him and have fun.  Be around him and keep him company.  Being a  sugarbaby can come with perks.  It is not unusual for a man to drop $5000 a month on his girl paying for perks like clothing.  Remember you are paying for companionship and   not for sex alone.  Spend hundreds of dollars on the young girl and she looks fabulous.  Spend hundreds of dollars for clothes for the older   wife and she is still an older woman with new clothes on.

However, the big attraction to being with a young woman is the wild abandonment of morals and ethics and good plentiful sex.  The young girls seem to get so many perks, they don’t mind having sex with an older man.  In fact, they may like the old school attention of doors   being held open for them and gentle politeness from a previous era.  Some older men are lucky enough to just fall in love   with a   lovely young woman.  Other men seek young woman through Internet sites like Seeking

The owner of this website makes it clear that he is not promoting prostitution.  The courts have decreed that as long as the woman is being paid for services other than sex such as   companionship, the act does not classify as prostitution.  Who wrote that law?  I bet it wasn’t somebody’s wife.  Brandon Wade is the Founder and CEO of the website and   says that any one that uses the website simply for sex in exchange for money is in violation of their terms of agreement.   90% of the million and   a half members of the site are sugardaddies.  10% are sugarbabies.  Not all men are very wealthy and not all girls expect all that much.  A lot of it is about relationships and companionship.  However many girls are in relationships with many men at the same time.  I guess life is just complicated these days.

Some Mormon   men visit the site and claim that their relationships are nonsexual till marriage.  The girls feel that it is a dream come true to have someone care for them, give them money and not to expect much back in return.  Many girls feel that their   lives have been upgraded to a luxurious level that they would never be able to attain through their own efforts.  So do all   men who have become successful in life feel they have to go this route to have excitement in their lives?  Do all young beautiful girls need to spend some older man’s money   to have a comfortable life?  Of course the answer is no to both questions.  But as in the case of Donald Sterling, the old man owner of the Basketball team , the Clippers,who was going out with a   young girl and gave her lavish gifts. while being married and no one commented on his sexual behavior. Society’s outrage was not with his sexual habits but with his racial comments.  Go figure.  

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