Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I like to talk about strong confident women who are at the top of their   game.  Venus Williams has already won matches and is moving up at this year’s Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.  She has been a major player in women’s tennis since she played her   first professional match at the young age of 14.  I credit her for   bringing a new level of athleticism and power to the game of women’s tennis.  She has already had a tremendous career in tennis and probably could even be thinking about retirement if she wanted to after winning tournaments all over the world.  Unlike other professional male athletes   who tend to squander their high salaries, Venus is investing her money into the world of fashion by creating a line of active wear.

With no surprise, she has   created many tennis outfits.  Her rule is that if she would not wear it, she wouldn’t expect anyone else to wear it.  Everyone knew she was fashionable since she was the first to wear beads in her braids during tennis tournaments.  She has earned a College Degree in Fashion and is using her skills to promote her new fashion line called   Eleven. The name means that women should strive to be better than a ten.  It represents that women should be their absolute best no matter what.  I guess wearing   new   clothes can do wonders for a woman’s self - esteem.  It is amazing that she was able to grow up to be so levelheaded since she grew up in a drug and crime filled area of Compton California.  Most girls in tennis   grow up in pretty affluent environment’s.

Her father instilled a sense of confidence in her and her sister.  When they were young   he predicted that they would be the top two players in the world.  It was the most positive brainwashing anyone could ever have and it worked.  Venus and her sister have been the top two tennis players in the world.  Who could even imagine that two sisters could pretty much equally   excel at the same task?  Both had been ranked number one in the world.  They often play against each other in title matches.  They are happy for each other since they know only one   may be the ultimate winner in a tournament.  Her   own career has been remarkable with seven Grand Slam Single Titles, four   Olympic gold medals one in singles and three in doubles with her sister.

Remarkably she has achieved all this while suffering from an autoimmune disease which leads to fatigue.  How do you play so well on the tennis court while being tired all   the time?  And yet in addition to her clothing business, Venus   has an interior designer company.  Is she branding herself like so many other famous woman are doing?  Singers and actresses are out there like Gweneth Paltro and Jennifer Lopez selling everything these days.  Venus has created sleek and polished   looks for hotels, condos and even the Tavis   Smiley set.  Her company is called V*Interiors because her   full name is Venus Ebony Star Williams.

She wanted the names of the companies to be slightly different from her name because she wants them to be able to stand on their own and not to   just be   associated with   a famous person.  Today at age 33 Venus Williams is ranked number 32 in the world and despite her two   design   companies and her physical struggles, she said she   is still not ready to give up tennis.  She wants to participate in the 2016 Olympics and as long as she is   good and she is having fun we all need a strong smart woman like Venus Williams to represent the women of the United States.

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