Tuesday, June 3, 2014

GM should represent the Ghastly Mess that America’s largest car making corporation is.  General Motors has always been a leader and a representation of American industry.  Few companies in history has ever sold more   cars and until recently few car   companies has recalled more back.  Apparently this is the year of the recall for General Motors where in one day they recalled 2,712,182 cars that brings the total to 11,000,000 cars recalled this year.  With numbers like that are we approaching a total   recall?  These cars flaws are frightening from steering wheel loss to power break failure to the fact that air bags, breaks and power steering could suddenly all stop working at the same time..  And if you are thinking that it is   amazing   that no one has been killed yet you would be wrong.

The government’s files show as many as 303 accidental related deaths. The company admits 13 people have been killed.  That alone should be a sign that the corporation is in trouble. When they boast that only 13 people have been killed as a defense when no one should be killed by a faulty built car.  Don’t worry, our great American government stepped in to hold this company at fault.  General Motors had to pay a fine of thirty five million dollars which would be a lot of money for a car   company in 1929.  For   today’s GM, that amount of money represents less than one day of   revenue.  To me   that hardly represents a fine but rather a small change   sneeze for the auto giant.

There is only one GM employee that is up in arms over this and it is the blow-up guy in front of the auto dealership who is up in   arms all the time especially whenever it is windy.  The point is that the fine represents an insignificant amount of money.  It is even more insignificant when you realize how long General Motors waited to inform the general public about the car’s problems.  There were reports of problems with the ignition switch on the Saturn ION back in 2001.  So they knew of   a   potentially fatal   ignition problem for thirteen years.  Let’s put that fact into perspective.  That means a child attending a first day of school on the day you found out, would be old enough to die   driving one of your cars a day the car company decided to do something about it.  This is not China.  This is America a land that is supposed to care about what they   make.

This story   gets even more outrageous.  Years, finding out definitively about the car’s problems,   GM   continued   to tell families of accident victims   that they did not have enough evidence of any defect in their cars.  In one case GM threatened to go after the family of an accident victim for reimbursement of legal fees.  The family did not withdraw its lawsuit.  So, in essence,   GM doubled down on its awfulness.  At the time, the only thing GM was working on, was damage control for the company.  They could care less about the victims.  Slides from a point presentation released in 2008 say,” Workers were   told not to use the word defect or defective but rather does not perform to design.” GM also had judgment words that were banned including dangerous, crippling, life threatening and 65 others.

What was GM doing?  Word association exercises?  OK guys tell me what word comes to mind when I say something.  Cadillac XDS! Life Threatening!  The new Chevy Sonic! Crippling and Dangerous! UGH!  There are no bad ideas here just bad cars. Other banned words were deathtrap, decapitating, well you get the idea.  GM is clearly in deep trouble.  Their only hope might be that their newly appointed CEO has something that most CEOs don’t have.  A vagina.  For the first time in its 105 year history the company   in 2014 will be run by a woman.  CEO Mary Barra is also a Mother and immediately the company promoted issues like child safety or child accessibility, all the things Mom’s think about. Can I also call GM sexists now too? Men  care  about children too. What a shame she refuses to be a man! Ugh

Does that also mean that people who don’t have children don’t   care when people die in faulty made cars? This is so ridiculous.  We all know that Mary inherited this mess and must work hard on truly making GM a caring American company. Let’s hope she does not go hurling through the windshield hiding behind sexist statements and grows a pair to deal with a very serious issue. The safety of our lives in an American vehicle.

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