Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer is quickly approaching and we are already shedding more clothes   each day and for many of us revealing not such a great body.  It happens every year that unless we go to the gym regularly all year long, you’re not going to want to take your shirt off on that hot sticky   day.  If you are looking good and feeling good, wear the bare minimum.  The battle of the bulge has been the longest battle in history and for many people, they never win.

This is an old story about the quest to lose weight quickly and easily but is also a new story about a new way to lose weight quickly that is not approved in the United States yet.  It is a new magic pill that radically suppresses your appetite and helps you to shed pounds..  It sound like the classic to good to be true scenario and I am not product endorsing anything here.  I am classically old school about weight loss.  Just get that food out of your mouth and exercise.  I’m just talking about this a new way of losing weight because I believe it will become very popular in the United States soon and it is a new innovation.

If you want it, you are   going to have to go to Mexico to get it.  This pill is ideal for the 300 pound person who is always hungry.  It is also ideal for most of us that carry that extra up to 30 pounds that we feel we just can’t lose.  The new pill is more like a capsule or magic bullet. It claims the type of   results that so far only evasive gastric bypass surgery has done.  We want to lose weight but most of us do not have the courage or will to go through major surgery and have our stomach stapled or   have a lap band tying off a portion of your stomach.

We all know that your stomach is not the main issue.  The issues lie in our desire to eat and in the type of foods that we eat that seem to linger in our bodies.  Many Americans are crossing the Mexican border to go to Tijuana to get a pill to swallow that will blow up like a balloon in your stomach and make you feel full.  Tijuana is not a fun place to be lately.  It is a big city with a reputation for violence and crime.  Every year thousands of Americans go there anyway in search for cut rate medical procedures.  This capsule is a controversial device called the Obalone Balloon..  Once it is inserted into the stomach it is inflated quickly into a small balloon.  Patients can feel full immediately.

There is an obesity control center in Tijuana run by Americans where everyone speaks English.  You would think you were still in the United States once you enter the premises.  To get the magic pill cost about $500 which is noninvasive.  A lap band cost about $5000 and you need major surgery.  This American Dr. prefers to work in Mexico because   he can make all his own decisions and not have to answer to anyone.  70% of his patients are Americans that cross the   border   from San Diego.  The   pill   comes  with its own set of strict guidelines.  Once it is inserted you probably will not want to eat more than one small plate   of food per day.

The capsule is so new that there is no consensus yet from the American Medical community about it   but there is plenty of   intrigue.  Doctors know   that   geriatric surgery is very effective and really should be a last resort.  Doctor David Katz teaches weight management at the Yale- Griffin Prevention Research Center and says that sustaining weight loss after the pill is removed it is his major concern.  This   balloon in your stomach should only remain there for   three months.  The stomach is a hormone producing organ.  Is this balloon just confusing your system?  Most people don’t care, they just want to lose weight fast.

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