Sunday, April 27, 2014

They searched the ocean wide to search for the missing people and that missing plane.  When are they going to search for the missing middle class in this country?  The number of Americans that identify as middle class has never been lower.  Go on your own   fact finding mission and just go shopping. Visit a store like Sears or   JC Penney that always catered to the middle class people and you   will find practically no one shopping in those stores these days.  The type of stores that are doing very well are high end places like Tiffany’s, and Cartier for our very rich upper class.   The other stores that are doing very well are in a competitive race for your welfare dollars.  They even mention dollars in their names.  They are places like The Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Dollar  Giant, Family Dollar, The 99¢ Store and The 98¢  Store all selling last Halloween’s  candy this Easter.

When will these discount stores end?  Should we have a homeless guy handing out expired   medications for free?  The kinds of stores that are thriving are the stores that represent our economy.  They are   stores  that  are  either selling  Rembrandt   Art masterpieces or color your own Elvis on velvet with  colored Sharpies.  This pattern of extremely different things available to us overflows into restaurants as well.  The moderately priced restaurants like Applebee’s, Red Lobster and Olive Garden are all in troubled too because their  best customers are people with a little bit of money and  who  have to fill up on lots of free bread offered at these places.

50 years ago America’s biggest employer was General Motors where workers made the modern equivalent of $50.00 per hour.  Today   America’s biggest employer   is Wal-Mart where the average wage is $8.00 an hour which means you just about can’t afford to buy anything. Recently   Wal-Mart released its annual report which indicated that most of the products they sell is food.  Most of their customers need food stamps to pay for that food.  Meanwhile Wal-Mart’s   owners are so ridiculously rich that one of them Alice   Walton spent   over $1,000,000,000   building an art museum in Bensenville Arkansas which is located 500 miles away from a single person who would ever want to look  at a  work of Art.

Alice Walton said about the museum,   ”For years   I’ve  been thinking about what we could do as a family that could make a difference.” How about giving your employees a raise you out of touch pompous nit wit!  The ultra – rich   have no conception of the struggles that most of America is going through.  What we are seeing now as the income inequality increases is a lot of Americans who do work   hard   and who play by the rules who are starting to give up and not play by the rules anymore.  For example, recently at a McDonald’s restaurant an employee was arrested for selling heroin packed in with the   Happy Meals.  She did not do it because she likes heroin although it can’t   be as bad as their fillet of fish sandwich.  She did it   because she   can’t   raise two children on $7.72 per hour wages.

This is not the only crazy story going on in America these days.  We are finding more and more ordinary people doing extraordinary things just to get by in life.  Things they would never do if life was fair.  Is the answer that this woman should not have had two kids?  No.  We all know that the answer is that people deserve wages that they can live on.  Should she be giving her kids away in front of the Pet co   on Saturday?  Americans adoption centers are overflowing with unwanted kids too.

Another extraordinary example is the case of Bell Knox who is the Duke University freshman who was recently outed as a porn star.  She does not come from the typical porn star biography who is usually the young girl that was abused by an uncle, addicted to cocaine and locked in   a closet by Charlie Sheen. No, she is a levelheaded articulate 18 year old who had good enough grades to get into a really good college.  Her problem is that   Duke University cost $61,000 per   year in tuition costs.  Does that mean only rich people are allowed to have a college education in America these days?

Since 1980 college tuition has increased to 600 per cent above the inflation rate.  I’m surprised all young girls are not doing porn to pay for their tuition.  And even if this girl wanted to pay for her tuition by putting a wiener in a bun at a hot dog stand, there aren’t even any jobs at hot dog stands where you need a license to operate them.  So,  instead she occasionally takes a wiener in her bun for money.  Who are we to judge?  The girl needs to earn money.

What the rich elite don’t understand is that we are now a   country of rich people and desperate people.  American students now owe in student loans $1.3 trillion.  We’re going to have to sell a lot of ass to pay that debt back.  We are treading water and losing ground and if you just shouted  back at me that I just used a mixed metaphor, Congratulations, that is your English degree in action.  So sell that heroin and lube up for porn America, it is time to pay your bills. Ugh!

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