Friday, April 25, 2014

The women are doing it too.  Everybody’s doing it it seems.  Relationships are so different these days.  Anything goes with anyone for any length of time.  You are a bully if you pass judgment on anybody.  What is right and what is wrong anyway anymore?  Churches are annulling marriages even after children were created during that marriage.  For $800 the church will say your wedding never existed even though you have five kids.   You can get married again in the churches as if   nothing ever happened.  Same sex marriages are happening everywhere and now they also having their  gaybies.  They don’t need to make babies.  Gay and lesbians are adopting children and hiring surrogates   to make their  babies.  Anything goes nowadays in the love, sex and partnership business.

Ever since the invention of marriage, there has been infidelity.  On the hit TV show Scandal, even the president of the United States has an affair and this season his wife is having one too.   Is this a case of art imitating life?  Some studies are showing a dramatic increase of cheating among women   in recent years.  What is causing women to cheat? Could some new web sites be giving women the courage to cheat on their husbands or on their partners?  When women cheat it is often considered a scandal.  When men chest some people call it having an affair.  The actress   Diane Lane cheated on her   husband Richard Gear and played the iconic adulteress in the movie called Unfaithful.  But never has cheating been  as accessible as it is today.  Infidelity in anonymity is just a click away on your computer.  What is it that is driving women now to cheat?

Women are no longer staying home lonely and neglected.  They are not been a victim to the good ol’ stale marriage.  Websites like Ashley are advertising and encouraging infidelity.  Some women say they are getting the attention they crave not from their husbands anymore but from strangers on web sites.  The advertisements say,  ” Life is short, have an affair!” Does marriage mean anything anymore? Noel Biederman started this site 10 years ago.  He makes more than $40,000,000 a month on people’s infidelity.  He built a $1,000,000,000 business betting on infidelity.  It has 25,000,000 members in 35 countries.  He is encouraging secrecy but insists that infidelity   does not need encouraging.  He said long before he started his website people were having affairs and it would continue to have affairs when his website is gone.  Does that mean he claims no responsibility for this increase in cheating?
He says he is a happily married man but he spends his time helping people to have the more perfect affair.  Women are carrying on affairs with the men they met on line for months often meeting them   in bars, hotel suites, homes and even traveling to other cities.  Meeting many men can be like an addictive drug.  We all remember how euphoric it was falling in love for the first time.  Meeting someone new for love for  the first time can be equally exciting.  But is society saying this is  acceptable?  Advertising  this type of behavior openly on TV and radio is acceptable to all?  Obviously it is popular since Noel Bbiederman is a very rich man from hooking people up on a web site.

A reporter wrote a book about her own marriage where she and he were cheating.  The book is called Vow” A Memoir of Marriage by Wendy Plump.  She and her  husband are now divorced.  After she wrote the book she received many letters from women and men and realized that cheating is much more common than she ever thought before.  So is it a way of life or is it a scandal?  Where are we now in terms of relationships and marriage?  Statistics show that 21% of married men have had an affair compared to 15% of married women who have had an affair.  That number for women has spiked in the last two decades; up 40%.

Wendy says society still judges women more harshly, even the first lady on the show Scandal.  Women when they   cheat are viewed as having betrayed the family.  When men have affairs they cheat on their wife.

According   to data on   Ashley a woman cheats during stressful times in her life often just before turning 40 years old.  Women cheat because they feel they are missing something.  Men cheat just   because  they want to have an affair.  It is less because of an emotional thing.  In both cases the effects of both are   call you will know devastating and things usually end up in divorce. Jim Carroll, the co-founder of Marriage Boot camp, a reality show on the WE Channel said people should work through their   problems before you look to infidelity for solutions. Does that mean that we should say Good Bye to your Internet lover?

So tell your man to get rid of his blondie and you get rid of your internet lover and save your marriage. your family.

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