Monday, March 24, 2014

The Tea  Party just celebrated it’s  5th Birthday and to celebrate they played their favorite party game, Pin the Blame on the Darkie since they hate Obama so much.  The  great divide continues in America between the republicans and the democrats over wages and profits.  Large companies gobble up small companies till there is no competition and no choices.  We are becoming a socialist country.  The old saying is that you don’t want to know how laws and how sausages are made.  Both should be good but what is inside of them can be questionable.

Literally, over 95% of Americans do in fact eat meat.  We can analyze what is wrong with America with just focusing on one aspect.  Look at the meat industry. Read the book called The Meat Racket, The Secret Takeover of the American Food Business. By Christopher Leonard.  He points out how even the small chicken farmer has been killed by rich people and their big business takeover of an entire industry.  There is a small town in Arkansas where there is a giant mechanized poultry plant.  It is owned by Tyson Foods who has been a pioneer in the system of food production that dominates these days.

What is impressive is not the chickens.  It is impressive how much power this company has over the town.  Tyson is no different than any other major company.  They have all been taking over communities.  Farmers that work for Tyson now are afraid to speak out against the company for fear of losing their jobs.  In Utah they are passing laws prohibiting citizens from taking pictures or writing anything against large companies in that state.  The large companies realize that the general    public knows little or nothing about how things are  produced and they want to keep it that way so they gave large donations to the guys in politics to do what they want.
Free speech is gone.  Our news is manipulated.  We are down to 4  big companies  that produce our meat and only 3 companies that produce our chicken.  Obama tried to make the Federal Drug Administration more involved in regulating the companies that produce our food and he was shot down by Congress.  Our next president could possibly be gay before big food companies would endorse a vegetarian.  What is with  this new trend that the people with all the power are being mistreated?  There is a recent wave of billionaires sobbing that they are being  demonized and under attack.  It’s not just because they have half the money in the world, it is because we don’t say that they are the most brilliant people in the world.

The ultra rich are more like babies on an airplane.  For example, stock trader Steve Schwartzman whose net worth is eight billion bucks said Obama raising taxes 3% felt like Hitler invading Poland.  Tom Perkins whose net worth is another eight billion bucks said, that the richest 1% in America are being persecuted like Jews in NAZI Germany.  Is it   really that hard out there for a pimp worth  eight billion bucks?  Even when their shady  financial tricks dominate an entire industry like a poor chicken farmer, nothing ever happens to the billionaire.  Nobody ever goes to jail.  Like Mitt  Romney’s businesses, they just get richer while you get poorer.  They take the small mom and pop businesses and  close them down and sell off their assets like a cheap auction house.

The Oxfam committee released a report this year on global inequality and the 85 richest people in the world.  Yes just 85 people own more than the bottom three and 1/2 billion people put together on the planet.  The Jews did not deserve the hate that they got but America’s  super rich should be ashamed.  In the last 30 years worker productivity  went up 90% while income only went up 8%.  The super rich deserve to be hated with numbers like that.  How did that happen anyway?  Well billionaire Sam Zell said the rest of America should stop complaining about the one percent because they got there by working harder.  Just watch that stupid TV show called Undercover Boss and see each week how the rich  owners of the companies they own fail at working hard. Is a rich man  talking on the phone more degrading then working in a slaughterhouse?

With just one real estate deal, Sam made 1,000 times more money than a coal miner earns today.  During World War II Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed a cap on income that that would be equal to $300,000 now.  Wouldn’t it  be great if there were democrats out there now that would say to these Scrooges, Ok,  you don’t want to raise the minimum wage?  Then let’s impose a maximum wage!  Well even raise it up to $500,000 dollars a year.  Do you think they can live on that?  This is not a new idea.  James Madison who wrote our Constitution said, “government should prevent and moderate accumulation of riches.”

Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton all agreed that too much money in the hands of too few, would destroy democracy.  There are only a few billionaires that remember that.  Guys like Gates and Buffet who are now giving away most of their money.  But people don’t need to be given an  occasional gift.  They want to earn their own money and be able to keep some of it.  Warren Buffet even said he should write a book for his friends on how to live on just $500 Million dollars.


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