Friday, March 28, 2014

 Soon the movie called Noah starring Russell Crow in the leading role will be appearing at your   local theaters.  They built an arc   to represent the famous story in the Bible that discusses how many of the animals and humans was saved from destruction. The Old Testament of the Bible discusses many stories involving miracles and the amazing theory of how we all were created here on   earth. Scientists and theologians have their own versions of why we are here.  Most of us don’t even know to what length scientists from all over the world are working on to prove their version of the big bang theory and I am not talking about that stupid very popular TV show.

I am talking about a multibillion   dollar project that is unifying people from all over the world.  Unlike the United Nations where representatives from all different countries in the world discuss their differences, in this place probably the most magical place on earth, countries have banded together to try to discover and prove their version of how planets and the earth have formed.  I think it is great.  Why not take some pressure off from God.  Let the scientists do their thing and tell us new stories.  At the very least their quest is unifying people on earth rather than fighting with each other for no reason.  So in essence what the scientists are doing is in fact quite God like.

At this very moment astronomers are exploring parts of space that have never been seen before.  They are seeing the actual birth of planets and stars from the top of a northern plateau in Chile.  Chile is a magical place to begin with.  Some of the finest fruits and vegetables are grown there.  Deep in the Atacama desert they built a new observatory.  The Atacama Large Millimeter Array, also known as ALMA, is an astronomical interferometer of radio telescopes. Its not the kind of telescope you look through it is the world's most powerful radio telescope. 

This project has been ongoing for over thirty years.  It deciphers wavelengths of light that we cannot see.  At a cost of over 1.3 billion dollars its probably the best money ever sent.  Countries getting along on a single project for 30 years, no bombs, weapons or destruction.I think God might approve of this effort.  They have already made some astonishing discoveries, but you probably never heard of them because they are not the kind of death and destruction that get the headlines on the nightly news.

For centuries, people have been going to the high plateau of northern Chile to look into space.  The place is nicknamed "Earth's window to the stars"  At 16,500 feet above sea level, it is higher than most of the Earth's atmosphere. Probably the closest place any person can be on earth closest to the heavens.  The result is a night sky that is clearer than anything you can see of the stars without a telescope.  It is not exactly a tourist attraction because it is mostly a mountainous area that stretches for hundreds of miles.  Like in desert it is dry but is also high.  So high that most people need oxygen masks to be able to breathe properly.

The amazing   place could be   the Moon only highly developed.  Developed in that the landscape is dotted with 66   radio   antennas.  That is why it is considered the most ambitious astronomical project on earth.  There has never been an enterprise on this scale before.  There are 19 countries involved in the project.  All of the equipment had to be manufactured in Europe, Asia and North America and shipped to this remote area.  The equipment was assembled at the base of the mountains which is 10,000 feet in altitude.  Each one of the instruments cost   $7,000,000.  It is literally a journey into thin air.  You need a medical exam to even visit the site.  Not much of anything lives at that height.

The place looks extraterrestrial.  Even with oxygen tanks it can be difficult to breathe, think or walk.  Right now the antennas are spread out over a distance of only a mile.  Eventually they could spread out to over 10 miles.  Through radio raves they are able to detect the formation of galaxies where from some simple dust particles attract to become pebbles, in all of then   form into stars, cool off into rocks then into giant planets..  They need to pump in extra oxygen to keep the super computer running.  It is the highest altitude supercomputer in the world.  It is as powerful as three million lap tops all synchronize together to handle all the data that is coming in from the antennas.

Knowing that there is scientific proof of the birth of planets does not diminish your God in any way.  I feel it is a new way to praise God for giving us the planets and the talented scientists from all over the world banding together in peace and in unity discovering molecules that are the beginnings of life as we know it.  The main message in the Bible is peace and unity.

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