Monday, March 3, 2014

Last night was the Oscar’s also known as the Academy Awards. The night when Actors give other Actors a trophy for doing their job. The best part is how they all respect the event and try to look as handsome and glamorous as they possibly can. Not all actors should be good looking should they? We all worship the movies still and enjoy seeing our favorite actors anytime we can especially if they are unscripted and we get to see what they are really like. Ellen the host pointed out during the show that many actors do not have college educations. That makes sense because college makes your eyesight bad from all that reading and clogs up 4 more of your beautiful years that could have been well spent making money as a movie star.

Oscars 2014You then start noticing stars like the stunningly beautiful woman, Jennifer Lawrence who sounds like a complete idiot whenever she open’s her mouth and unscripted words fly out of her perfect lips. Then you say, “Who   cares, she is hot.”  But Brad, Leonardo and the winner Matthew all sound equally stupid too disguised by all their handsomeness. We need some classically trained American actors that make money here. Even the   Kenyan   newcomer who won for Best Supporting Actor at least thanked her Yale Acting School training for some of her success in her role.

We need to have more educated actors like Orland Bloom who has already had a very successful career in American films. We saw him as an arrow slinging elf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  He played a master swordsman in three Pirates of the Caribbean   films. Now at age 36 he has played a modern version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on Broadway. They spoke the original texts but were sitting on motorcycles   to update the version. Go figure out why for me please. It is still nice to hear a well- trained voice say “to hear your sigh with flames sparkling   in lover’s eyes.”

 Orlando Bloom new wallpaper 129His actor’s perfect accent comes from his birth being born in Candleberry, England. His mother is Sandra Copeland who ran a Language Academy. His father was a South African ex-patriot writer Harry Bloom.   His father died when Orlando   was 4 years old. When Orlando became a teenager he learned that his actual father was a longtime family friend,   Collen   Stern.  His own life could have been a Shakespearean play. Meanwhile his biological father was always very close to him in his life. He considers himself to have had two fathers.  At 16 he moved to London to study acting not like Leonardo who stared in some TV show instead of studying acting. Now Orlando has become an international star.

He went on to London’s prestigious Guild Hall School of Music and Drama where in 1999 just two weeks from graduation he got the call from Director Peter   Jackson to be cast in the Lord of the Rings films. That had to have been the best graduation present any actor could receive. The Lord of the Rings movies went on to be among the highest grossing films of all time. He learned to be a skilled Archer for   these  films. He is an educated actor. He was so believable that they wanted him and his skills to appear in The Hobbit. Hat film which is a pre-quill to the earlier movies opened over the summer. He is a wealthy man from that and from appearing in more than a dozen other famous movies.
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He has managed to not fight with photographers over his fame and has in his civilized way become a very wealthy man.  He has been part of another blockbuster franchise playing the dashing swordsman in the first three Pirates of the   Caribbean     Film series alongside Johnny Depp. He has become an international star. He has recently split from his wife of three years,  Australian  model Miranda Kerr with whom he has a child. They both adore and love their son and plan to still be in each other’s lives. He is honored to have had his name up in lights on Broadway and his pockets lined with cash from his successes I movies. I am glad to consider him a real trained actor.


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