Saturday, March 1, 2014

I call them rat bastards because they are always around my feet when I am walking.  I have two daughters and No I am not calling them rat bastards. One daughter loves art and the other daughter loves animals so therefore we have five cats living with us too. They are each beautiful and different in coloring and personality. I can say that about my daughters but now I am talking about those cats. The eco- system   of the forest outside my door has changed since they have called my place their home .There is not a mouse,   chipmunk, squirrel or rabbit to be found anywhere on the property. They are little hunters and can kill with their bare paws.

There are plenty of cat lovers out there who spend much of their time video-taping the little sigh creatures instead of spending their time finding the cure for Cancer. The internet has been a good source for sharing information we   all   need   to know but it   is also a playground for homemade videos to be posted. There are millions of cat videos on UTube alone for our   entertainment. Now there are even cat video festivals. In the Walker Center of Minneapolis, they featured an event entirely devoted to cat videos at the Minnesota State Fair packing in 13,000 eager people who couldn’t wait to see the antics of how cats keep us busy.

grumpy largeCat video superstars are emerging like Grumpy Cat who was honored at the fair with her portrait and even appeared in person looking well, grumpy all the time.  Ben Lashes was there from Los Angeles too. He is the cat’s agent and promoter. He has provided us all with t shirts and costumes and greeting cards and pretty much anything you can imprint that grumpy cat face on and sell. Now why didn’t my daughters collaborate and do something like that and get those rat bastards away from my feet when walking? This past Christmas he was able to get to market plushy Grumpy Cat stuffed animals for sale too.

Ben’s other feline star studded list include other cat divas like Keyboard Cat. Hey, my wife is a piano teacher, she should have got my cats playing that piano too. The pixelated cat called Mien Cat has over 100 Million UTube views. So that is what the world is doing with all their computers, watching cats. But Ben’s hottest star is Grumpy Cat born with a reported Million dollar frown. Can you put a price on something just being what they are? You sure can. All those bullies out there doing Cock fights and Pit Bull horrific fights for money should just mellow out and take some pictures of some pussy and make millions of dollars legally and safely.

The Grumpy Cat also got a movie deal this year and they announced Grumpy Cat’s coffee brand called Grumpachino.  That is no joke or lie. Grumpy Cat has a book out where the author listed on the book is Grumpy Cat. How talented IS that rat bastard cat? Ok, I will only name call my own pets. Grumpy’s fans lined up at a Minneapolis book signing. Is pot legal there? That could be my only explanation for this fame of a cat. The event turned out to be a stamping of a cat paw on your book you just paid top dollar for. The event was shared by another famous cat called Lil Bub. 

Superstar Lil Bub was actually born with a defect that makes his world famous tongue stick out. No, cats aren’t trained to do stuff like this.   They train over 6 foot men to go get  them cans   of food or they will trip you up. A guy named Mike owns Lil Bub and has tattoos of the cat all over his body. He believes that cats are taking over the internet rather than parakeets or dogs because cats are your typical live in animal. Yes, they are actually happy to live with you as long as there is plenty of kibble and cans around of food for them. A good clean litter box helps too but in a crunch they will be pleased to crap on your favorite sweater after they claw every thread out of it first.
Lil Bub is going to have a new web venture. It will be a late night talk show with Bub as the host. Ok, that’s it. Where is the pot?  Hey, who am I to judge? He might do better in the ratings than all the Jimmies Late Night Talk Show hosts clogging up the TV at night. His first guest will be Whoopie Goldberg.

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