Tuesday, February 25, 2014

He always looked like he was somebody’s father from the 1950’s yet he was a pretty current poor comic making the rounds. Now he is worth more than $50 Million dollars and looks the same. Ok, he is skinnier. Most of you will know him as the current host of the game show, The Price Is Right. Drew Carey loves. his job and calls it one of the happiest places on earth. We should all love our jobs.  Six years ago he took over the job that Bob Barker held for 35 years. He still feels more comfortable as a standup comic where his roots came from in show business

He is so filthy rich now and can gives prizes away on the game show for the next 39 years that he is bored and craves the raunchy excitement of a nightclub telling jokes. His childhood wasn’t so much fun. His father died from a brain tumor when he was just eight years old. Jim suffered bouts of depression and got kicked out of college twice before joining the Marine Corp. Reserves. So this is the makings of a multi-millionaire? He started telling jokes and the night he was able to tell jokes on the Johnny Carsen show and be invited to sit next to that desk, his life changed like so many other entertainers lives changed from the magic desk of late night TV.

Standup success led to his own TV show that premièred in 1995 and ran for 9 seasons. In 1998 Drew Carey ranked in Forbes magazine number 24 on its list of highest paid entertainers. He got paid $750,000 dollars PER EPISODE not per season. Do the math and he  was  a  filthy rich man then. Who knew? Here I am spending all my time in colleges ugh. Now he is pretty quiet because he is filthy rich. He is a good tipper and walks around with $100 dollar bills to leave around as a tip when he goes out for a meal. Nice guy. He has it all. He and his former fiancé raise her son .  He does not have any children he fathered or former wives.
Finally he got sick of being fat and older looking and decided to loose the weight he carried for most of his life. Well, why not? He seems to have everything else anyone could want in life. He cut out carbs and added a protein shake and started running and soon shed 80 pounds and has kept it off for 3 years. Sure give me filthy money and then I will be able to only concentrate on my protein shake too. He says that he feels like a completely different person who got a second chance at life. Well he still looks like somebody’s father from the 1950’s just a skinnier Dad.

It is obvious that I am so hard on the guy because I am jealous of his charmed life. For all his success at age 55, Drew is still trying to do stuff. This   rich   bastard is also a big shot in Seattle, Washington. He owns the game of Soccer there with his team the Sounders.  As it   is , the sport is no big deal in this country but in Seattle you would think you were in South America  or in Europe on game day the way the fans parade in the local streets that look like a protest or political rally. There are no crowds in the streets chanting for baseball’s Seattle Mariners or for a basketball game. 70,000 people march to see a soccer game for a team he owns.

The Mariners are called the greatest expansion team in American History. Before Drew’s involvement and his business partner Joe Roth took over, soccer in Seattle was just a giant yawn.  Roth used to play soccer in college and hated how the sport was so popular all over the world except in America. Roth just happens to be also filthy rich and one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. He was the former head of Disney studios and 20th  Century  Fox with more than 50 films to his credit . Five years and 83 games later with their investment the Sounders have sold out every one of its   games. How the hell did Drew and Joe turn sensible people of Seattle into a chanting mob?
Drew is from Cleveland , Ohio and never even played the sport and thought it was dumb just a bunch of guys kicking a stupid ball back and forth. After moving to Los  Angeles , Carey became a fan of the LA Galaxy where he noticed that while following them play in Europe and South America that the fans had ownership of their teams. Tht means that the General Manager of this soccer team is the only Manager in American sports that can be fired by a vote of the  teams fans. Pretty cool and makes you feel you really ARE involved in your favorite sport for a change.
Season ticket holders can vote on anything. Finally Democracy in sports engaging the fans. Sounds like the guy who never got married knows how to keep the conversation going to save his marriage with fans throughout his now filthy rich life. We all can learn something from the ordinary looking nice guy Drew Carey is. You want excitement? Go to Seattle for the legalized pot, excitement in the street maybe even renewed excitement in the bedroom too.

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