Monday, January 13, 2014

The word security has become many things lately.  When  you think of security you think of a good lock on your door or money in the bank or just even a good blanket at night but the word means many things  to many people now especially in our government now.  We have the NSA which is the National Security Agency which was created in 1952.  That is only one of 15 spy agencies in this country.  Do you think we could get by with about 3 or so spy agencies? Or is all of America really that interested in everyone else’s business?

If only there was a central intelligence agency?  Oh yeah! We do have that too the CIA.  In the late 1980’s the communication era exploded with cell phones and e-mail.  People all used to have land phone lines and we all made calls from our home phones so the phone company knew who we were.  Now people have throw away phones with limited minutes on the devices and are constantly living in various places too.  How do you track that kind of person down?  It is important to focus on groups of people that try to do criminal things and make their plans over phone calls.

It was originally a plan to track the doings of military leaders, governments and enemies of the country.  It was a system that was not thought of being used on individual citizens of this country.  Now we have lots of agencies spying on everyone regardless of our criminality.  Should a law abiding citizen be spied on?  Hell no and we don’t even know when they are doing the spying which is probably all the time with the super computers the spy agencies are investing in. 

Before 911 people actually cared about The Bill of Rights  Now everyone in The United States are being spied upon including Congress, Judges representatives, everyone. There is so much information being stored the agencies can’t keep up with even deciding what is important stuff from nonsense conversations and that is why they are failing.   Eric Snoden was correct when he said that all our words are being looked at. He was a systems administrator who had access to data bases and could view whatever he wanted to see. 

Obama is actually worse than Bush was in that he is funding the expansion of spying. The huge plant built in Utah that is collecting so much more data storage. So how do we stop these elected leaders who we thought were going to protect us now expose us?  We have no knowledge of who is looking at us when or why.  You thought you were in charge of your life but really you are not.  You may say well what do I care? Let them have my every word. I have nothing to hide.  What you think doesn’t matter.  It is what the government thinks that matters.

We are becoming East Germany like the way they were in the 1970’s.  Freedom is important to all of us.  We hope the government had our best interests covered but since 911 our privacy has gone to nothing,

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