Friday, December 6, 2013

Be Thankful!  Yes, we recently celebrated Thanksgiving Day so hopefully you had the time to take  that big breath and close your eyes and think of whatever is good in your life. Yes, be thankful about something.  Be happy and be unstressed.  You don’t need a lot of stuff or money; you just need to smile and be happy even if it is over that sunrise in the morning. Then run around like a nut and do all the things you have to do,
I am humbled and reflective because in the past week my health has gotten worse. In particular my eyesight. It has been difficult to do the things I love without perfect vision. I love to read and write.  Our eyes are not easily replaceable parts either. So be reflective, wow what a word to use to remind you to look back and be thankful of the things you have and take for granted.

I will blame my hardship on the eleven pills I was taking every day to keep me so called healthy.  It was a combination of prescription drugs and supplements.  I made the mistake of taking about six of them at once and it literally blew my eyes out to seeing grey. Ugh!.  I only take about six now and the vision is thankfully returning slowly
I am living proof of how we need to keep out of the drug stores and stop holding containers of pills and go back to just good foods for our health. For example, whatever happened to the vegetable kale? Does anyone really eat the stuff?  It looks robust and earthy and healthy but I only know it as a pretty garnish at the deli around the large tubs of mayonnaise filled tubs of potato salad in the display case.

It turns out that kale is actually becoming more popular to eat lately.  It is not expensive to purchase and comes in a variety of shades of color from green to blue to white.  If you look hard enough, you might even find recipes for the stuff that even include chocolate chip cookies with kale in it instead of lots of diabetes sugars and heart clogging trans fats.  Why Isn’t there more prepared foods on supermarket shelves that include good healthy ingredients?  Does it really cost that much more to eat healthy?

There is a new cook book out called Fifty Shades of Kale by Drew Ramsey M. D., that includes recipes for sweet treats and about forty other concoctions made with this weird vegetable.  This doctor considers this to be a super food.  This doctor is a psychologist who prescribes kale with results of feeling happier healthier and lighter witch can help with depression issues. Yes! Finally a doctor who prescribes a super food instead of a bottle of pills. 

Kale is now on 400% more restaurant menus then it was four years ago.  On the pages of US weekly there are stares like Kevin Bacon, Holly Madison, and Bette Midler who all boast about kale.  It popularity is not just a recant thing in face in ancient Greece hypocrites used kale as a remedy for drunkenness.  Thousands of years later Ramisey uses it for getting tipsy making kale cocktails.  That’s my kind of health drink.  Dr. Ramisey says, “There’s nothing sexier then a sharp brain atop a lean body and kale really delivers that more then any other vegetables on the planet.”  Wow! Who know that, I’ve been throwing kale out or just leaving it on my plate as just a garnish for mayonnaise filled potatoes.  

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