Friday, October 25, 2013

Well, either you love lawyers or you hate them.  I guess it all depends if they are representing you or not that determines your love or your disdain for them.  Either way, they are just doing their job whether you agree with them or not.  Having said that as a disclaimer, our Social Security Disability Program is a expensive joke allowed to be said over and over again by all involved from the perhaps disabled to the lawyers who represent them to the doctors that approve injuries to the Federal Government that pays the lawyers as well as the disabled.  Everyone is getting paid by the taxpayers.  God Bless America!

If you look at the numbers, it also seems to be a sure thing that once unemployment benefits run out, most Americans suddenly get disabled.  Caching!  More free money from the government.  It is an epidemic that has gotten way out of hand.  We have gone recently from 6 to 12 Million people on disability in our country up 20% percent in the last six years..  America  is a really sick puppy in the world.

Senator Tom Colburn says that the government pays out $135 Billion dollars to Americans claiming to be disabled. That is more money than the government paid last year on the Department of Homeland Security, The Justice Department and the Labor Department combined.  If the American public really knew what was going on in the system, half of them would be outraged and the other half would be looking for a disability lawyer to sign them up for the free money and apply for benefits.

The Federal Disability Insurance Program when it began in the 1950’s was envisioned to be a small program to assist people who were unable to work because of illness or injury.  The statues says that if there is any job in the economy you can perform, you are not eligible for disability. It is pretty clear. So, where did all these disabled people come from?

There are commercials on TV everywhere of Law Firms looking for people to call them so they can file disability claims for them.  Places like 1-800-Call-Ken, Daggett Shuler (336)724-1234, Brown & Crouppen (314) 421-HELP, Dr. Bill LaTour 1-800-803-5090. and larger firms too.  Guys like these are exploiting a vulnerable system.  Even if you are one of the 2/3rds of applicants who get denied, there is not much to loose.  It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up with these guys unless you win the appeal and the lawyers collect from the Federal Government not you.

In 1971 fewer than 21% of claimants were represented. Now, over 80% of claimants are represented by attorneys.  Last year they paid out over a Billion dollars to claimants lawyers; the biggest chunk of money, 70 Million went to Binder & Binder, the largest disability firm in the country. Many of the cases they handle are ones with subjective symptoms.  Ailments like back aches, depression and fibro-myalgia which is joint and muscle pain along with chronic fatigue. These are illnesses that are hard to prove you don’t have it.  There are no diagnostic testing for it so why not try and claim you got it and collect some free dough?

Lawyer Eric C. Conn is He is the wealthiest guy putting most of Kentucky on disability.  He is not successful for being a good lawyer. He is successful because he has a good friend of a Judge,b David Doherty who approved all 1,800 court claims. That is half a Billion dollars of lifetime benefits to Conn’s clients. The decisions are based on a loyal group of doctors who often examine Conn’s clients right in his law offices and always endorse them for disability benefits.

It looks like America is being conned by Attorney Conn.  How can 100% of claimants that come into your door be all eligible for disability benefits?  America can’t be that sick. It is a shame that a well intended program designed to help terminally ill people survive is taken advantage by bad lawyers, bad judges and bad doctors and bad people and a bad Congress that doesn’t get investigative committees to stop the blatant fraud of the taxpayers money.

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