Sunday, October 13, 2013

We stared at that dress just wondering what was going to happen next.  How did she keep those nipples in there?  Yup, still remembering Jennifer Lopez and her half  a dress on her chest.  She will always be remembered for showing off that dress at that award show but now she is known for a whole lot more.  Jennifer is a brand now.  Because of her in that daring dress, she has become known as a force in fashion design.

The green Versace dress she barely wore to the Grammy Awards in 2000 left little to the imagination.  I thought she was known for her dance music hits like the song Live It Up but no, she is far more wealthy from her fashion sense’s. I love beautiful women that also have good business thoughts behind their beautiful faces.  That makes them truly amazing.  

She inked a multi-million dollar design deal with retailer Kohl’s two years ago.  Now her name is on practically anything you want to buy in that store.  She even has her own brand of bedding. There is sportswear, handbags, dresses, jewelry, shoes and sleepwear.  It is overwhelming for me to just look at .  How is she able to make all those design decisions?  She is a woman.  Women can do those things easily.

Now Jennifer has the attention of Forbes Magazine that put her at the top of the list naming The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities last year in part because her deal with Kohl’s was so big.  She has a 20 year contract with a 7 year window of options.  Her title is CCO  Chief Creative Officer of her design empire.  J Lo is also designing network Television.  NUVO tv is the first English language cable station that caters to a Latino audience.  

We first really heard of her when she stared in the 1996 movie about the life of Selina, the late music star.  Then we heard her own music all over the pop charts and her own career took off.  In 2001 she made history by being the first to have a number one album and the number one movie, The Wedding Planner bring in the most money in the same week.

It is obvious that she is different and unafraid to take chances in her life.  After all, she even tried to make Ben Aflec into a Latino lover.  That must have been her only failure.  Everything else seems to turn into gold.  Why didn’t we get to see nipple when she wore that iconic dress?  No, J Lo is a success and doesn’t have wardrobe malfunctions.  She admits she ventures into uncharted waters all the time. A take a chance girl.

When she was an actress she then wanted to do music.  When she got offered the Laurel contract to advertise makeup, she knew that real actresses and singers don’t do makeup contracts but she did. She has a fragrance with her name on it.  Then she became a judge on American Idol and people thought doing that each week would cheapen the mystique of her.  She did that too.

It turns out that her popular appearances on American Idol turned out to be a pretty good business decision too.  People got to see her emotional side and her true personality on that show. Now at age 43 she is focused on designing her twin 5 year old kids into fabulous human beings. J Lo is not afraid to bring her twins around with her everywhere that she made with her former husband singer Marc Anthony. Having a family will change your priorities a bit no matter who you are.

One thing for sure, she is a remarkable woman who is proud of whatever she chooses to do in her life no matter how diverse.  Nothing wrong with a good looking workaholic successful woman to me.  

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