Thursday, October 17, 2013

He is rude and crude. Obnoxious and arrogant can describe him too.  He is America’s favorite Bill O’Reilly.  He is also known as the king of cable TV news for more than a decade.  Now he has added to that a new role as the author of history books which has made him a successful author since people are buying his books. His last two books called Killing Lincoln and  Killing Kennedy  sold more than five  million copies.  His newest book called  Killing Jesus will probably be his most talked about book yet.

Although he is a Catholic , he did not write a religious book.  He doesn’t call Jesus the son of God or the Messiah.  O’Reilly admits that some of his idea of facts directly contradict the Bible but the loud bully that he is , still stands by his ramblings and America falls for his line of crap and I have no idea why.  It makes me want to just kick someone out of bed who listens to him ever.

He is so crazy he sounds like George Bush who said he talked directly to God.  This guy said his inspiration for the book came directly in a message to him by God.  Put him in a straight jacket already.  The Holy Spirit directed him to write the book Killing Jesus.  Does that make Bill O’Reilly the chosen one now? Ugh!  Bill thrives on being controversial and this is just another grasp at attention like the antics any classroom bully would do.
The publisher paid him more than $10 Million dollars to write this book that he didn’t even write.  He shares the money with his co-author Martin Dugard who was hired to do the research yet Bill’s name is all over the book like it was all his work.  With Martin doing all the work and Bill tweaking the facts in his own way, the book was written in just eight months.  Sure, give me ten million bucks and I can slap some bigoted junk together too.

Bill admits that his books are not historic but more “easy to read fast paced thrillers” loosely based on true events as in the case of his Lincoln and Kennedy books.  He said, “I just want to write about important things in a very entertaining way.”  What can be entertaining about killing important good people we have learned about?  This guy is a nut and America loves him. 

He is sensationalist and his books are sensationalist and he is proud of that distinction. He wrote the book because Jesus was the most famous person on the planet and he wants to describe him as a somewhat normal ordinary 36 year old man who died.  We are all in awe of the Jesus story because it is true that he had no infrastructure and yet was so influential.  Jesus had no government, no publicity except for word of mouth, no money and no structure.  Not a bad legacy for a young guy who lived a relatively short life on earth and became the most famous guy ever.

Bill O’Reilly on the other hand goes through great lengths to self promote himself.  He is the only “News” guy that sells mugs and T-Shirts and any other junk he can put his name on during a news program.  He charges folks $250 to pose for a ten second picture with him and stupid folks line up to give their hard earned money to this pompous self-promoting bully.  
He is busy with his TV show called The O’Reilly Factor, writes a column in newspapers and performs in a live stage show all at the same time.  He dictates his script everywhere and says without any judgment anything he feels like saying about anyone without much research or thought of his own.  Maybe that is why he is so famous.  He dares to say stuff most people wouldn’t say openly.

With all this self-promoting busy work, Bill makes over $20 Million dollars a year.  So, don’t fall for his ordinary guy of the people banter because it just isn’t true.  He is elitist and shoves people out of his way all the time.  Even his child hood classmates remember him as the unruly class bully that even got his entire class in trouble because of his antics.  What is so sad is that he thinks fondly of those years and is proud to get paid well now for being different than others.  It pays to be a bully?

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