Sunday, October 20, 2013

He is a rich bully and loves to tell the world that he is.  His latest endeavor could be the subject of a old John Wayne movie only in this movie the American is the obnoxious villain played of course by Donald Trump.  He is so pompously rich that he even named his kids Tiffany and Baron.  Most importantly he believes that he deserves everything he desires in life like the brat that he is.  Well, try to tell that to some stubborn Scottish folk and you will loose the battle big guy.

This battle is now five years old where the Donald has been trying to dramatically alter some pristine coastal land in Scotland to build a golf course and resort complete with a high rise luxury hotel rising out of the sand dunes.  Does he think he is on the coast of Miami?  No, Donny!   This is hundreds year old Scotland where they take pride in their rolling green hills not touched but by the occasional medieval castle everywhere.

From day one the local officials there were trying to discourage him and keep their pristine coastal land from being developed.  It is not surprisingly that money won the battle sort of, and the Don got his golf course.  But the story is just beginning.  He claims that it is already a world class golf course but no major events are scheduled to be played there, so as usual, Donald is patting himself on his back, no one else is there to do it.

He feels that if he puts his name on it , it should naturally be the greatest and most fantastic.  Ok, he does have high standards and his properties are beautiful but his tactics wipe all the beauty away.  He calls it the Trump International Golf Club, Scotland and is now involved in a big law suit with Scotland.  He is suing the country.  Who brings a law suit against a country?  Donald Trump does.

His fight is over the “green” policies of the country.  The region has voted to use giant turbines or windmills to generate electricity for the land and they have emerged everywhere dotting the Scottish landscape.  The Donald will not have any of that within view of his property.  Yes, he believes he should own whatever he can see too.  The government plans to put eleven in the sea off the coast of land he now owns.

It doesn’t matter to him that the windmills will create clean energy to 68,000 thousand homes. What matters to him is that they are as big as his Trump Tower in Manhattan, They are noisy and unattractive.  It is like a horror movie that can be called, Revenge of The Environmentalists who never wanted Donald Trump to come to Scotland in the first place.  

Even the neighboring farm owners will not give in now to his demands and offers of up to One Million Dollars for them to sell him their small farms.  Instead, they now litter the area with old farm equipment and paint signs on the barns saying Trump Go Away.  Not a pretty sight for his visiting rich golfers to see as they drive up to the place that still has not built any skyscraper hotel as planned.
It was 14 hundred unspoiled acres along the coast of 3.8 miles of pristine northern coastline next to giant sand dunes that have been there for thousands of years.  Donald wanted to build 500 luxury houses, 950 condos and a 450 room hotel with spectacular views.  So far he just has the golf course built but now the government plans to make it a industrial energy site.  Either way, the landscape looses it’s original charm and worst of all, little old Scottish women are quick to say screw Donald Trump who now seems to represent all Americans.

The battle of control over this land now involves the entire politics of the land, the locals and the environmentalists.  The locals now are putting in their wills to never sell their land to anyone no less the likes of Mr. Trump.  Did he really think he could take on the stubborn Scottish folk?  All the local newspapers there cover the debate and the local farmer was recently voted Scotsman of the Year for standing up to Goliath Trump.  The windmill lawsuit is scheduled to go in front of the Scottish courts in November.

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