Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We are always threatened by something. If you don’t eat right you   are
threatened by a heart attack. If you don’t protect your computer you are threatened by hackers. If you don’t protect your home you will probably get robed. If you don’t protect yourself you will probably have way too many kids too. Our lives center around protecting ourselves. What about protecting our country, our shores? Are we even protected?
Recently all our eyes were on North Korea as their new little young Dictator was taunting the United States with threats of nuclear missile attacks. Former President Regan would have just known what to do about that. He said on March 23, 1983 to the American people, “I am directing a comprehensive and intensive effort to define a long term research and development program to begin to achieve our ultimate goal of eliminating the threat opposed by strategic nuclear missiles.” Ok folks where is the results of this long term effort supposedly started 30 years ago?
Everyone made fun of Regan and called it his crazy Star Wars Defense Plan like as if he just watched too many of those movies and said we ought to do that too. Ronald Regan was totally right when he said he wanted a ballistic missiles defense system in the event of some comprehensive attack. Congress blocked any money to go towards financing the development of a system so now we have nothing.
In tests the idea worked very well. There just may be a country like North Korea who is so suicidal that they just might try to attack us. I think over more than the past ten years we have been kicking ass in the Middle East over 911. Just recently the United States gave Israel Billions of dollars so they can have a sophisticated missile defense system that is working very well in protecting the citizens from attacks. Now they go on sipping their cocktails looking up at the fireworks light show in their skies of bombs being destroyed mid flight. The system there called Iron Dome is protecting them from short range missiles being launched from the terrorist group known as Hamas.
The defense system we gave them is even harder to do since it is shooting down bombs within seconds rather than minutes which would have been the system Ronald Regan wanted to develop from space. The space system would have been able to shoot everything down that was even a long range missile. We could have taken out the Syrian Dictator too who needs to be taught a good lesson now. This Hitler like twerp thinks he can kill his own citizens with lethal gas and get away with it.
The idiots running Iran will soon have nuclear capabilities to be able to kill people in Europe and the Korean guy can reach California with his bag of bombs. Why aren’t we creating our own Iron Dome system for America to protect. We spend more money than any other place on earth on military expenses and we don’t have a long range missile defense system? No, stupid Bush thought it was better to send our weekend soldiers, the National Guard to simply come back home as only torso’s with all their limbs blown off or mentally ill from the memories of buddies being killed and bombs going off in your head.
Obama needs to put Ronald Regan’s ideas back on paper and direct some of our billions of dollars to be spent on defending America in the air in space or on shorter range missiles. So what if it is expensive. Our cities are worth everything to us and we love our European countries too. We must do everything in our power to always have the most sophisticated weapons systems in place to defend us first . We are the crazy ones if we don’t defend ourselves.

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