Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today I will just be the preacher. I will give you the numbers of what they say. They being the experts in the field whoever they are. However, there is a new book out called What Do Women Want that suggests that women are just as horney as men. But are they just as piggish as men are?

According to Daniel Bergner the author of the book, he says that women are not magnanimous. The myth that men are programmed by evolution and have a need to spread their seed and are promiscuous and that women just seek out one good man is a myth. Science is proving that women have the same wants, needs and desires as a man. 

Monogamy is monotonous. There should be a 10 year rule not a lifetime rule. Just like the seven year itch is more like three years now. The difference is that women just don’t act on the change in a partner as men are more quick to do. If they do cheat on their spouse, women don’t usually get divorced, they just take their chances at not being discovered as the cheater in the marriage.

Men like to think that they are the aggressor when it comes to sex but in reality when the woman expresses her advances for sexual activity it will probably happen every time whereas men could be turned down often by a woman simply because she is not in the mood. Studies found that menopausal women can lessen the desire with their long term man. Bring a new man to her and more often than not a new desire in sex can occur.

Studies have also reported about couples sex lives that women have more orgasms with men they thought were handsome and dominant. What if Danny De Vito has a better technique than John Ham? A woman would turn down poor little Danny? LOL I don’t think so. Turn off the lights and let Danny do his thing. She could be thinking it is John and have a great time. Women can have the same visual desire towards erotica. Yet more gay men buy the male nude magazine Playgirl than women.

Studies have reported that when women see a nude male in the flaccid state they will not be as aroused sexually as when she will see that man erect. Sex for women needs to be on the table in a raw way and then they will immediately spark desire for that male.

Studies have reported that a majority of women will not even consider sex with a man under six feet tall. Wow, thank goodness I am taller than six feet. The new poll said that 70% percent of women feel this way. This is despite the fact that the average male is only 5 feet 10 inches tall. This only proves that we shouldn’t diminish the importance of the visual to women. They have to like what they see first before sexual desires kick in.

No woman ever says I want the small fat guy who sits on the couch with a bag of chips and a beer. Yet you will see very attractive women who chose a bald guy to be with. Did she really say I want a guy with no hair on top to run my fingers through? No. I doubt that; yet, he must have some special charisma that captured her attention. Men also say they want a sexy hot woman but the truth of the matter is that they will go with what is there for them. Like the old song, love the one you’re with.
A new trend with on line dating reported in Time Magazine who took a survey about on line dating issues, is that women are going out with men who are younger in age than them. It sounds like women have the same driving forces towards sex as men have. They want younger and looking good too. Social structures affect sexual desire. The only difference is that men will still seek out that second date with a woman.. Women are still not as aggressive to ask a guy out again. She will wait for his call.

Men realize that women are very aggressive in life these days. Women are multitasking at everything all the time. The girls are smart, they give birth, they have full time jobs, they sill run the households and manage the budgets choosing purchases but when it comes to sex please sit back and relax and just make a man feel like he can be in control, be the aggressor in bed at least sexually unless he just gives up there too and let’s you have it your way.

Yes it seems I have been contradicting the reports but I guess there still isn’t one way to anything despite what new studies are preaching about human sexual practices. I say, let’s just practice. A lot. Lol. People in healthy relationships change roles all the time for fun and renewed excitement.








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