Friday, August 16, 2013

Let’s try to figure out this Idiot Spitzer opps I mean Elliot Spitzer character oops again Politician out yet one more time. Remember he is the one who passed stricter prostitution laws while he was a great customer to many different prostitutes throughout the years. Should we always accept these type of contradictions from all our politicians while they just apologize for their indigressions but have the nerve to run again just expecting the public to go along with whatever they want to do?

He was New York’s former Governor and put the Madam of the prostitution place he used all the time in Rikers Island Prison for four months. He manages always to never get any fines or jail time for his crimes of being a John. He signed stronger anti-prostitution laws into effect during his tenure as governor. Now they are both running for the job as City Comtroller of NYC. Do these people really care about the finances of the city or are they just there to annoy everyone?

Her name is Kristin Davis and ran for Governor in 2010 probably just to annoy him. He when asked why he disgraced his wife and many children says he is in a form of redemption now. What is he crying about anyway? He had to resign from a Governor job that paid him $175,000 per year and went on to two TV shows one from CNN that paid him Millions for his political commentary. Yes the humiliation of what he did stung his family and their name however he did not go through the humiliation of being in Rikers Island Prison in solitary confinement, being subjected to strip searches by 15 different correctional officers wanting cavity searches as Kristin Davis was subjected to.
He should only be talking about pain after he has done his time for his crime. She has taken and passed lie detector tests and answered many questions as to her involvement in his life as a Madam. Elliot has never revealed any facts about how he really feels about prostitution. He can not condemn something that he has supported in his personal life for years. Have him answer questions like how long has he been using sexual services, as having the job as Attorney General actively calling for sex with strangers. How could he ruin their lives while paying them for sexual favors?

He should be committed just for leaving us with David Patterson who tried his best to fill in the job. Remember he was severely sight impaired and had to struggle with his instant fame and the problems of having to suddenly deal with rude reporters in his face constantly. Elliot should have known he would be caught eventually and that he would be leaving a difficult job to a poor guy who didn’t really want it anyway.

No one even mentions that Elliot Spitzer illegally funded his two campaigns for Attorney General that the New York Times revealed. Elliot Spitzer was under investigation for a scandal called Trooper Gate and he was under investigation for spying on another candidate Senator Joe Bruno. Elliot has a whole litany of criminal acts that he has committed in his past in public office that he has somehow escaped from prosecution. This cat has nine lives.

So we have the sex addict and his prostitution Madam running for office and the other candidate Scott Stringer who is clean in all thin no one knows about or really cares about. He is in the Democratic Primary with Spitzer. Everyone else are all criminals. The last Comptroller of the city, Hevesy is in jail. Our current Comptroller, John Liu’s entire staff has been inedited so they are all corrupt. These guys actually makes the Madame look good. At least she has always admitted who and what she was.  

Sounds like Spitzer is just following the Weiner, his dick and Anthony’s lead. At least Weiner does something that a lot of people do these days that is sexting on their media devices which is a bad call and indigression on his part. What Spitzer did by his own passed laws is commit a crime and multiple crimes and he has not been punished. He regards women as a hobby who sought the sexual services of many women.

We all know that prostitution is the oldest profession on earth. So, what is the big deal that he went to hookers? Well, the big deal is that he prosecuted them vigorously and he created a law that made it a FELONY crime for a man to use a prostitute for sexual favors. The hypocrisy is that he should have been true to his feelings and acts and fought to legalize prostitution and not make it a felony.  

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