Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let's talk about Poor Paula who through some kind of media pressure decided to make two apologies for admitting saying nigger. We all know she is some kind of Southern Belle that in slavery times would have probably had a plantation and employed blacks as slaves. It was the trend then. However, she in these times had a slavery themed catered event where all the waiters were black men. Should she have known that it is in bad taste to glorify bad things in history? Yeah. Imagine if some German people decided to have a party and burn some Jewish people in a fire for the fun of it . Wow! Let’s stop this kind of imagining.

I grew up where I would say to myself and other people that “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me.” Then I would walk away from those cruel people that would randomly call me a Dork, Jerk, Idiot, Ass Hole, Cracker, Ginny even my wife was called Mouse because she was short and Meanie cause she fought back with words. Should just a bunch of words really get to us? After all we weren’t hit with a rock or something. Well words can hurt and can be hurtful in that they are usually thrown into a conversation randomly just to try to flaw us when we really aren’t anything like that.

Paula is really guilty of pushing lard and lots of butter and flour on us and always diving her dirty diamond rings into any batter to mix some fattening unhealthy deep fried crap to eat on us. Why can’t that woman use a spoon? Or make something healthy for once? Everything she made had pounds of butter, flour and sugar and was a diabetic sure thing to get all Americans no matter race sick. She should have been fired from all her TV jobs years ago not just for her racism but for cruel indifference to human biology.

She was getting America sick and was promoting behavior that could get others sick and was cashing in on potential cures. I agree with John Fugelsang from Current TV who says, “Paula Deen was like the heroin dealer who gets you so addicted she finally decides to do the right thing and also sell you methadone while still selling smack to all ya’all that haven’t kicked yet.” Her restaurants are packed with people since she was fired. John says, “I don’t fear imitating what the guys do on Jack Ass do, that’s just natural selection. Right? I fear imitating what Paula Deen does.”

“Elliot Ness couldn’t get Al Capone for his violent crimes, they got him on tax evasion” They didn’t get OJ Simpson for murder they got him in jail for a civil suit, over money. “Paula Deen is the Al Capone of deep fried bacon and mashed potatoes fried in egg batter while free basing butter. They didn’t get her for the real damage of hating the human race on a lesser charge but they got her on trash talking one of the human races races. The problem with Paula Deen is not what comes out of her mouth, it is what she keeps trying to stuff into your’s.” If it is fattening or sugary or just not good for your heart, she will cook it up.

The Food Network fired her. She is more sorry that she got in trouble, that she lost all the TV money not sorry that she used racist terminology. Is she a bad person? No, just misinformed after all there are songs by Jay Z and other black artists that say “My nigger” repeatedly in their rap and dance music, we tend to sing along even if we are not black and we can slip into greeting our black friend with that interesting way too long hand shake and shoulder tapping and saying , “How’s my nigger doin?” NOOOOO still not acceptable. So, why can a African American use a term that is part of our pop culture now but a White Southerner can’t say the N word? Germans don’t call each other Krauts and Polish people don’t go around calling each other Pollocks.

The most interesting thing about Paula is that in her deposition when being sued said Of Course when asked if she ever used the N word. She basically admitted that she probably used it often in her home and said it matter of fact  in normal conversation. Not in anger or in a way to deliberately hurt someone and that is her biggest crime.

Like trying to kill us all with her dirty fingers mixing up food and horrible unhealthy recipes, she didn’t think she was even doing anything wrong in her poor choice of words to describe a group of Americans who have paid their dues and survived terrible persecution in this country. Respect history and learn from it, don’t glorify it’s horrible past.

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