Sunday, June 16, 2013

Law enforcement needs to reach out to the Muslim community. The main threat to America these days is from extremist Muslims here in this country. We need to understand where the 20th century Muslim women stand caught in the middle of tradition and women’s rights. We also need some sort of regulation of the Internet and what it should be allowed to disclose like details of bomb making to any lonely angry person in their home on the Internet learning thing that could only harm innocent victims.

Yes, I am still ranting about the Boston bombings caused by two angry young Muslim brothers. Recently Boston bombing investigators have focused their attention on the older brother’s widow Catherine Russell who is a girl without middle east heritage. Does she hold the answers to more questions and why do we care about her conversion to Islam? Is the Muslim faith oppressive to women? Although women are covered up from head to toe in some Muslim countries we need to know why.

According to Daisy Khan, The Executive Director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement says that the Islamic faith does give gender equality. The belief is that we are all created equal in the eyes of God. Women were not created from the rib of Adam. The Islamic woman has the full responsibility as a man. The difficulty is in how women are being treated in some parts of the world. There are stoning, rapes stigma, acid being thrown in girls faces. Those kinds of horrific things are happening but Muslims have to step forward and stop the crimes in the name of their religion from happening.

It is in the interpretation of the details that horrific things happen. In the Koran a lot of things are optional like the scarf women wear around their head but what is required is modesty. The extent of covering varies from a loose scarf around the head to complete covering depending on the style enforced in a country. In France they have outlawed women from wearing complete covering in public places for security reasons. There could be a man hiding under that black sheet in full weaponry.

America is a wonderful place to live because there are no attacks on anyone’s religious identity. In this country we have the Orthodox Jew and the Amish communities that express their religious beliefs that includes some costume as well. The FBI found radical Islamic materials on her computer. She claims that she did not know what her husband was up to and they shared the use of that computer. Should she be held guilty by association?

The older brother’s wife was a working woman while he was home all day doing what he wanted on the computer. Muslims usually have traditional marriages where most men work and women work at home. However, there have been very successful political Muslim women, about six women, who have been heads of state which is more advancement that an American woman has achieved yet in government.

There are about two thousand websites out there that are geared to making weaponry and in discussing all the bombings the Americans have landed in the last ten or more years since 911. They tell them that they are living in this country and that they should retaliate here. They are marketing the three thousand drone attacks, Palestinian uprisings, all the casualty numbers and images of dead people . So, they are urging young Muslims to change their attitude towards the west and get even here. Recruitment and joining up can all be done on line.

The freedom of information act allows these web sited to exist meanwhile our homeland security is at risk. I don’t get it. Yet, the government shuts down bomb and flight training places but not websites. These Internet sites are also training places. Our homegrown activist citizens can be our worst enemy now. Law enforcement must reach out to the community and know the people who live there. We do not have a choice now.



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