Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is it really true that America is not involved in a war with someplace? If you know anything about our recent history, we have been at war with someplace all the time. This generation of American soldiers have suffered a lot. There has never been so many young soldiers with lost limbs and mental illnesses as a result of war since World War I. We need to take care of these forever wounded warriors and concentrate on the many problems here on American soil.


Look around you, we are surrounded with poverty, problems at our schools, crumbling infrastructure, bridges and roads need to be rebuilt, water lines crumbling under our city streets. America needs help now. But just like we love our guns here we are the war people of the world. We don’t need much encouragement. We even come up with different types of war. We call it Preemptive War, Just War, Wars of Choice, Wars of Liberation and Rogue Wars.
Year after Year
In our history here in only 237 years we fought each other, we fought Mexico to take Texas, Spain to steal the Philippines. Just in our lifetime we invaded Vietnam, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic. Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iraq again. You know you are war mongers when some countries get invaded twice. Yes, some wars were necessary. Wars like the Revolutionary War and World War II and the Civil War were necessary because they actually solved a problem.

Cost of War

If you type wars involving the United States into Wikipedia, the list is 32 pages long. We have been at war with someplace for 216 of our 237 years as a country. At some point this country has to look itself in the mirror and say maybe we are the problem in the world and not them. Is it just that we want to get our money’s worth of torture on our soldiers? Keep the war machine well oiled and constantly moving? Our defense budget uses up to 50% of all our discretionary spending and all of it has been on the lay away plan to China since 911.


By the year 2020 we will have spent a Trillion dollars on Afghanistan and Iraq and that is just on the interest owed. America needs to start defining Peace as strength. Where are those hippies from the seventies when you need them? Our best President and role model for every new President is Jimmy Carter. He is the one President out of all our Presidents who figured out how to sit in office for four years and never fire a single shot.

Every President’s negative role model should be Dick Cheney who even managed to shoot his friend in the face. Maybe Hillary Clinton lost her run for the Presidency because she voted yes to the war in Iraq meanwhile Obama voted no to war with Iraq. Whoever runs for the job to be our next President, I hope you don’t need to prove strength with the power of a bullet but can prove strength with peace.



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