Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SHE had good grades in high school, and graduated from college with honors, even got a great job. That was the easy part of life. It is the part that she has complete control over. What she can’t find is a good intelligent handsome well off man at her side. There is not any school or locating to find her mister right or just to even have a nice guy to talk to and show her the sightseeing when she is out of town on business. It is a need that is very much in demand these days with more and more women in the work place.
Time magazine reported last year that women in their 20’s and 30’s that are single with no children are now earning more money per hour than men. The stereotype that we were brought up with as a child of the man being the major money earner is over. The girls are busy and exhausted and just want someone to be with at the end of their day. Are men stepping up to the plate and fulfilling her needs? NO . Most men are selfishly doing their own thing on their own terms.
From HBO to the Vatican it seems that the focus is on sex these days. Even Melissa King the 2013 crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA had to give up her crown because it was discovered that a sex tape surfaced on the Internet with her participation on film. She is 18 so it was not illegal but America wants their teen role models to still be squeaky clean. There is also the view of, who cares, she can earn her money any way she chooses to, you don’t have to watch the film.
Even on the teen level women don’t care about the traditional stereotypes. They still get lonely, can have a lot if issues and are scared from relationships gone bad. Melissa grew up in foster care most of her young life. Many women are now finding sexual healing by going to a professional. There are a lot of power and control issues in sex that you don’t have to deal with if she hires a man. There are services like one called Cowboys for Angels that can fulfill a girl’s need for simply good conversation combined with good looks for a night out.
There are also women that absolutely will not pay for a man. They will only pay for their Botox. Most services charge hourly and most dates or appointments are for 4 hours. So, the time together could cost about $1,000 and the men are booked. Most men are hired by women to be there when she is out of town for an event and who want someone to show them the great places to see and go to in a unfamiliar town and someone to escort her to the event. Someone safe to talk to.
It can be an intimate tour guide with benefits if they really get along. Is it degrading to have to hire someone to sit with you at an event ? You are attractive, funny, successful but just do not have the time to find the handsome perfect guy. So, what is the difference between a male escort service and prostitution? We all know that prostitution is illegal in the United States. If you are engaging in that behavior you are breaking the law.
Many times however, a couple that do find each other very attractive can end up in bed having sex. Did you hire him to have sex? NO You hired someone to escort you to an event or to simply spend time together around town. If things develop to a heightened romantic level , that is simply romance between two consenting adults and is perfectly legal. If money is offered or charged for sex, then it is illegal. You can not contract someone for intimate sex in this country and not break the law. If a housewife hired a plumber to clean the house pipes and he ends up in her consensually it is not prostitution.
Women no longer want to have to go to a bar to find a man. Dating sites are thriving and now more and more women are doing the research and time to get to know someone on line and are making the point to meet him when she is in town. Women have such a high level of self esteem now that they do not wait for a guy to approach her. Women are seeking out what they want and finding it.
We live in a society now where sex is so prevalent. Parties and movies and events seem to all be meshed with some sex involved in it. Women are having babies just because they are ready to raise a child many times willing and financially able to not want or need the sperm donar to act as a father and society has no problem with it anymore. SHE has evolved and we all need to be ready to follow where she wants to go.

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