Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hot spots are everywhere. No one is really safe in any public place anymore. Yesterday bombs went off in Boston during a Marathon for no particular reason. No political protests there. Just about 500 people looking to see people run or run themselves. Then over 170 people are injured, limbs lost, 3 people dead. People that didn’t hurt anyone. They just wanted to run or look at someone run. Now they don’t have legs because of a bomb.
Boston is a thriving beautiful clean city home to many Universities including MIT the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where college kids learn to be engineers and create many of our new innovations. There is Harvard where they groom many of our CFO’s the Chief Financial Officers of our companies and set policy for what we buy from corporations. Whoever did the bombings took a heavy swipe at our freedom to celebrate something in public.
Now Boston will be know as a hot spot for terrorism. This is a horrible lead into talking about hot sauce the subject I originally wanted to explore. If you read back to any of my rants you know me and you know I like to discuss just about any subject briefly. Even that popular show Dancing With The Stars which is one of the few shows that airs live on TV had a problem in airing fun entertainment meanwhile one of their performers an Olympic gymnast who was from the Boston area had to smile and shimmy all well knowing her home town was suffering.
We all know that the evil forces win in the world if we stop our daily lives and give them any recognition for their senseless acts of brutality. So even you atheists say a prayer to the sun that rises everyday no matter what or pray to your God for those who have suffered physically and even more for all of us who are secretly in fear each day and thankful for surviving another day in this very fragile life of ours.
No matter where you are from or no matter where you travel to, when you finally end up in Louisiana you can’t get away from their spicy food. The main culprit is the random and often use of Tabasco sauce there. It is a pepper sauce they seem to put on everything. It is doused on and lurking around so many dishes there. Call it the Cajun ketchup.
They will take powdered sugar and Tabasco sauce , blend it together and spread it on a steak as a glaze , or put it in tomato sauce for a seafood pizza, or even blend it in mayonnaise for a sandwich. After it is swished all over your food then there will be 4 types of more pepper sauce on your table just in case you still didn’t burn your throat enough.
Louisianans’ would be disappointed if their food didn’t fight back. I even met petite women on the road who keep a small bottle of the stuff in their purse just in case the restaurant doesn’t get the stuff out on the table fast enough. The stuff has a diamond shaped label and is simply called McIlhenny Co, Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce made in the U.S.A.
It seems that every bottle of Tabasco sauce is made in Louisiana on Avery Island in bayou country about 140 miles west of New Orleans. The company has been family owned and operated since 1868 and is now operated by the forth generation son Paul. They make about 750,000 bottles of the stuff per day. They have exclusive distributors and ship to 165 countries all over the world. They even have a special label for the White House. It is on Air Force One, aboard space shuttles, in soldiers meal packs and even sent to Queen Elizabeth’s pantry.
The stuff only contains three ingredients, hot peppers, salt and vinegar. They mash it up and preserve it in old whiskey barrels for three years. In their warehouse they have roughly 40 to 50,000 barrels ageing. It is then blended into liquid in 72 two gallon vats. It has become part of the Louisianan culture and they just can’t get enough of the stuff.
So, how often do you use hot sauce? 18% say always
                                                         34% say sometimes
                                                         21% say hardly ever
                                                         27% say they never use the stuff

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