Saturday, February 2, 2013

He is self-taught and can play every instrument in his band. On the streets he became known as the white kid who can rock. So, thus became the singer Kid Rock. His hit song he recorded with Sheryl Crow last summer went, “So roll the dice one more time take a chance on love again tonight, risk it all.” The song is called Collide and shows how he can win at a rock song and at country music too.
His sound is a mix of styles from urban rap to country. Somehow he has appealed to many tastes in music because he has sold 27 Million albums world wide and filled arenas from coast to coast that is equal parts music to mayhem. He has his own recording studio at his sprawling Detroit estate home all enclosed in a mount Vernon style mansion close to downtown. He could care less what people think of him or his music. I guess especially since he is so wealthy now.
He was born Robert Ritchie from a middle class family in Romeo Michigan and was the son of a car dealer. He always knew he would be successful at music but never thought he would be this successful. As a teen he moved out and liveds in the inner city of Detroit never being thrown out of his parents home. He just wanted to go. After hanging out with the rappers, in 1998 he put out there the song Devil Without A Cause and he instantly became known.
Having that outlaw image attracted fans from all over, and attracted Pam Anderson. The couple married in 2006 and split only four months later. The sting of loosing his marriage that fast has made him not wanting marriage much anymore. The sting of a hollywood marriage was too out in the open for too many people to see because he had to deal with her fans as well. These days he keeps his love life private.
He smokes 6 to 10 cigars a day with a weird logic to it all. He admits that smoking cigarettes are bad for his lungs and he doesn’t want to go through the complications from having bad lungs so he thinks he can only get a rotten lip from the cigars and says he can always replace his lips. Wow how ignorant. He also performed for Mitt Romney at practically every campaign stop playing his song Born Free which became the unofficial campaign anthem for the events.
The new album is called Rebel Soul and shows his hometown pride in all the lyrics. He dominated the Detroit Lions football game on Thanksgiving Day last year. He likes to drive around the city in a former police cruiser. I don’t think Pam Anderson would have loved that ride. He loves his Detroit City and has done many benefits for the town even one to support the Detroit Symphony Orchestra who played his songs. Yes the rebel rapper slash rocker has the money to give to cultural things in the city. His donations are in the Millions of dollars.


Kid Rock is proudest of being a Dad. During his struggling rapper days he got a soul sister pregnant and when the child became about 12 years old, he was able to get full custody of the child named after him. His middle class upbringing helped him choose to fight for his son and doesn’t mind being a single parent. The move to California to live with Pam Anderson was not a good transition for his child who felt that all the kids do there is smoke pot and ride skateboards. So, dad said to stay off skateboards.

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