Friday, January 11, 2013

The government is killing me with expenses. Obama care already took $600 Dollars out of my pay check each month because my insurance premiums doubled. It is wonderful to give illegal immigrants health care but why must I have to pay for it each month? Working American citizens already pay taxes on a wide assortment of things. Soon we have the yearly nightmare of income taxes to pay.
Obama also imposed a tax hike recently so now I have an additional 2% raise in Social Security costs. Even thought that is only $18 additional a week, every expense adds up to be a problem. Senior Citizens have private Medicaid not Medicare. Why aren’t the politicians using the same health care that we have? They all get paid six figure salaries and do not have any exemptions from their pay checks for new Obama taxes.
In fact, Senators, Congressmen, Federal Workers and the Vice-President during the most recent financial crisis were given an Executive Order by the President that doesn’t even need approval by Congress raises in salaries to continue over the next ten years in the amount of 10 billion dollars. Where is my automatic raise? This is not the way to find additional funds badly needed for this country.
No one in Congress even challenges spending but they are very laid back and let the spending go with no challenge on their pay raises. In order to find money we need to cut government everywhere, do not take more money out of my paycheck. Let’s start with the Defense Budget. Even as far back as the Regan Era they said to cut back taxes for the rich and raise defense spending which got us into the giant debt.
Everyone wants to reduce the national deficit but not right away because we should be doing some economic stimulus. We are not supposed to call it stimulus anymore, we are supposed to call it recovery. Most people that I know would rather be stimulated rather than recover from something. OK, bad joke. If you want to reduce the deficit and increase military spending by 4% of the gross national product, there should be a reason.
There is no real threat to this country. The Soviet Union used to be the big threat, not anymore. The Cold War is over. Russia is not our enemy anymore so we do not need the three ways we used to be ready to drop thermal nuclear weapons on them if necessary. We still have nuclear submarines with missiles, the international continental ballistic missile and the strategic air command.
We have today the same capacity to destroy the Soviet Union that we had 30 years ago when the Russians were occupying Cuba pointing their missiles at Florida. The proposal that should be made to the Pentagon is that we have three ways to drop nuclear weapons on the now non- existent Soviet Union. Let’s pick two. Keep two ways to defeat them and give up one and we should save 8 to 10 Billion dollars on just that cutback alone and leave my paycheck alone to give illegal immigrants health care.
In the beginning of the Cold War, our President at that time Harry Truman sent American troops to Western Europe and Central Europe to protect the poor weak nations of that region against Stalin. The nations of Western Europe are no longer weak or poor. Stalin is dead. Only one thing hasn’t changed. We are still spending tens of billions of dollars per year to protect no one in trouble there. We are protecting places where there have not been wars for decades now.
We spend 42% of our total budget on defense that includes nuclear weapons but does not include the billions spent on Homeland Security now due to a increase on terrorist threats. I agree with former Representative Barney Frank a Democrat from Massachusetts who also says that we should worry about North Korea and not save money on defense there.
Years ago we sent troops to Japan not to protect them but to reassure the rest of Asia that there wouldn’t be an attack from them again. By now I’m pretty sure there will not be another Pearl Harbor from them. We can pull the Marines out of there and save more Billions. So much of defense spending is wasteful. America owns the most sophisticated tank available today and three thousand of them are just sitting there on military bases. The Taliban has no tanks unless they steal one of ours.
A weapon should have an enemy or it shouldn’t be made. China just bought it’s first aircraft carrier from the Ukraine and it can’t land any aircraft on it. We really are so far ahead in the world in defense stuff. Please leave my paycheck alone and at lease cut back on the stuff we don’t need or use that our government wastes money on.

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