Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our police departments are getting better and better lately. Obama has achieved much successes in rescuing people, eliminating evil people and now making big strides in cutting our drugs to America. The little guys that buy cocaine aren’t being targeted for a change. We are going after the big suppliers and finding them and stopping at least a small portion of the drugs entering our country.
Recently there was a three year investigation by the police that took down the most powerful drug trafficking organization in law enforcement history and you didn’t even know it. Obama really needs a promoter so he can get some credit for these good things that happen during his administration. This was a Colombian Cocaine Empire with a reach so vast and profits so great it became known as The Super Cartel.
Colombian Police worked side by side with The United States Immigration Police called ICE for short of The United States Customs Enforcement Agency. The ICE job among other things is to prevent contraband from moving across American borders. Their first glimpse of the transactions were found at the Port of Bonaventure, Columbia. With a tip from someone they were looking for cargo and in the bales of cargo were found shrink wrapped bundles of money like about $700,000 dollar bills in 20 American dollar piles.
As they searched more both here and in Mexico, they found staggering amounts of cash. It was $41 Million dollars from that first seizure alone. The Police have never seen shipping containers filled with cash before. It was so much money it took 30 days to count of people working 8 hours per day and that was just the beginning. Later the police found out that what was found was just a routine shipment. There are billions of dollars being shipped to locations every day.
The money is being shipped to Columbia from all over the world. They also hide money in luggage, vehicles and furniture. It was run like a sophisticated business to the caliber of a Fortune 500 company. They kept things private within the organization. A manager did not know whose Cocaine you were smuggling but the movement of cash and drugs kept flowing like a well oiled machine.
The Police were able to stop this Cartel by starting with the cash they found. It led them to three men in charge of everything who ruled the Cartel for a decade. This Cartel supplied 42% of all the cocaine to the United States, some 900 tons over the years. They grew the cocaine in coca fields that blanket the country. In the jungle under the foliage are hidden drug labs that do not consist of much construction.
The labs are essential in the supply chain and are the first step in production. The coca leaves are the source of the vast production. In large plastic barrel containers the leaves are soaked in gasoline and toxic chemicals to make unrefined cocaine. There are thousands of labs like this all over Columbia. If this is known then why isn’t more being done to destroy these operations?
The labs are essentially crude huts that are easy to build and easy to conceal. The police do their best to destroy the tiny locations that are everywhere. In the larger cities, arrangements for deliveries were made in coffee shops that also dot the cities everywhere. In the coffee shops the bosses gave out orders to their lieutenants. They lived very low keyed lives with simple belongings around them. Very similar to the Mafia operations in America until John Gotti showed up with his flamboyant activities.
So why have access to all that money and not enjoy it? These guys are in it for the power and prestige of being a big shot in a big money making machine. The money was just bundled pieces of paper. If they would be spending it on anything lavish or nice, they would be detected immediately. Everyone is poor in Columbia so it was best to look poor too and live a life undetected.
The men were still feared because of their power and money. They have small boats carrying cocaine in large amounts across oceans. They were caught by wiretapping the phones of their wives and friends. The drug bosses know the US police are at their heels and are finally getting to the source not the little guy users.

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